MTX Cabrio for sale

It may seem crazy to talk about the almost ordinary Felicia as an investment for the future. But at first glance, this dark blue car is not just any ordinary Skoda. It has a canvas roof, roll bar, and MTX Cabrio badge on the back. And only about thirty such Felicias were made!

With the end of the production of the first post-war Felicia, there was also the end of the production of convertibles directly from the Mladá Boleslav factory. On the basis of Garde or Rapid, several modifiers built an open design, among which Metalex was not missing. Only twelve units of his Rapid 136 Cabrio were produced, but there were already 200 of the spiritual successor in the form of the MTX Roadster with a design by Václav Král based on the Skoda Favorit! In 1997, the last open Skoda from Metalex was the four-seater Felicia with the characteristic name Cabrio, the production of which continued until 2000. A year after the introduction, the car received a new radiator grille modeled after the initial model, but in total, only about thirty units were produced.

Compared to the standard hatchback, the MTX Cabrio is equipped with a protective frame, a three-layer canvas retractable roof, and a reinforced floor. The specialty of this model is the preservation of both pairs of side doors, although the access solution to the rear seats is, to put it mildly, atypical. Under the hood appeared a 54 or 68-horsepower 13 -horsepower gasoline engine, or a 75-horsepower 16 horsepower gasoline engine. In all cases, the front wheels are driven via a five-speed manual transmission.

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Already at the time of its creation, a new piece cost up to half a million crowns, so it is not surprising that the price of second-hand items rises to these heights with increasing age and fewer pieces. A shining example is a piece currently being sold by a private owner from Prague with an MPI 13-liter petrol car with 31,000 kilometers driven for 15,900 euros (approx. 430,000 crowns). As an advantage, we can point out not only the paid Eco tax and valid MOT but, above all, the almost stock appearance, which is disturbed only by the radiator grille from the Volkswagen brand models. However, compared to some unsparing interventions by tuners, it’s still literally a pain in the ass. The current owner also claims that the car is not affected by corrosion, even though Felicia mainly suffers from this ailment. So the price is certainly not small, but in the shadow of exclusivity, it should gradually increase.