How to replace glow plugs

glow plugs

Above all, in colder weather and naturally also in winter, the car may have difficulty starting. In this case, there can be several problems. From low-quality diesel to a dead battery that cannot offer the amount of energy that is needed. If everything is fine in this direction, the glow plug may also be the problem. The modern car will flash the glow plug warning light. It can also cause bad starting, as well as the fact that we don’t start at all on colder days. Fortunately, this is not a significantly complicated and complex defect. It can be solved quite simply. changing the glow plugs will help in this direction. Let’s see together how to do it.

Where can we find glow plugs?

It is also good to know where glow plugs can be found specifically. The positive news is definitely that there is no need to worry about them being hidden in any way. Exactly opposite. In most cars, you will definitely find them in the engine area, not far from the injectors themselves. Specific information related to the location of the glow plugs in your car can be found, for example, on the Internet. Just as it is possible to find the given information in the service manual of your car.

If replacement of the glow plugs is needed, it is necessary to start with the first step. This is naturally related to the fact that you stop the vehicle, and if it has been driving for a long time, you also let it cool down sufficiently. Only then is it possible to open the hood and then look at the engine cover. If your car has one, it must be removed. This is relatively simple, as you can easily remove it and put it aside. Once it’s removed, you should be able to see the individual spark plugs pretty well.

Old glow plugs removal

Now we are getting to the most important stage, which is related to the exchange itself. It is naturally at this stage that it is necessary to dismantle the current glow plugs. In this direction, we cannot do without a suitable tool, i.e. without a suitable attachment, which will ensure that we can not only simply loosen the heaters but also that we will be able to unscrew them and then simply remove them. We repeat the same procedure for each of the plugs. If we are changing, it is, of course, ideal for changing all of them, as this will ensure that starting will be optimal in the future.

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Buying new glow plugs is definitely not difficult, and we can also say that it is definitely not significantly expensive either. All you have to do is visit the relevant spare parts store, where the staff will surely help us with regard to what we need specifically. What we primarily look at when buying is both the type of our car and, therefore, the type of spark plugs, and quite logically, also the correct number of glow plugs.

Before installing new ones

Once the existing glow plugs are removed, it is possible to proceed further. In addition to the fact that before installing new ones, you need to spend enough time to ensure that the space for the new plugs is sufficiently cleaned. This will have a significant impact on both their functionality and it will naturally also have a positive impact on the fact that the individual plugs will work much better. Therefore, definitely do not underestimate this step during the exchange and also pay it enough attention, which it really demands.

The ideal procedure is to use compressed air, which can be used to blow away all dirt quite simply and effectively. Here we can use the best available sprays on the market, which directly serve this purpose. They guarantee excellent work, and their prices are not high. At that moment, we are also sure that we have also removed any small impurities that could enter the combustion chamber of the engine itself.

Installation of new glow plugs

Everything is already fully prepared for another part of the whole exchange to take place, which is the installation of new glow plugs. As we have already said, it is ideal to replace all of them, i.e. the whole set. Especially when the existing ones have already been in operation for several years. This procedure is consequently the most effective. If the existing spark plugs are relatively new. Only a specific defective piece can be replaced. But here it is first necessary to test which one it is.

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The installation of the spark plugs is carried out in the same way as it was in the case of the existing disassembly. This is done by taking a suitable attachment and firmly installing the glow plugs in their place, and checking whether they really hold as they should. At that point, the basic exchange is complete. What we haven’t done yet is put the engine cover on because first, the spark plugs need to be thoroughly tested to see if they work as they should.

Functionality test

As soon as the glow plugs replacement is finished, it is necessary to test the functionality of the new plugs immediately. If the startup goes well, this is definitely the first correct step associated with the fact that the exchange was successful and everything is working as it should. However, we are not putting the engine cover on yet, as everything needs to be tested after a longer period of time. It is, therefore, ideal to leave the car overnight in cold weather, preferably in the cold. And for that purpose, also try a cold start. If everything goes without any problems, replacing the spark plugs is a step that helps solve the overall problem. Also, let’s not forget that when everything is in order, we can do the last thing related to the exchange.

The thing is, of course, to open the hood again, for the reason that we can re-install the plastic cover of the given engine. It’s only a matter of seconds. And so, as soon as it is in place, the replacement is definitively and fully carried out, and we are sure that we can drive our car comfortably throughout the winter without any problems or complications. We will start even in the most severe frosts.