How to inflate car tires

Compressor with tire

It may seem that inflating car tires is an activity that is very simple and can be done by anyone. This does not always have to be the case, as it is good to keep in mind that several important specifics apply to tire inflation as well. Therefore, let’s look at how challenging tire inflation is and when it should not be underestimated.

Check the wheels regularly

First of all, even a simple visual look will suffice, within which you can easily find out whether the wheel is sufficiently inflated or not. The bigger the bulge that forms in its lower part, the worse it is, of course. It is therefore necessary to perform the necessary inflation. Insufficiently inflated tires have a very negative effect on the ride itself. If we look specifically, it is primarily a deterioration of the stability of the vehicle itself, just as there is also a risk that it is harder to keep the car, for example, in corners. Also, a poorly inflated tire can have a longer braking distance .

However, improper tire inflation also affects the overall consumption of the car, which can be higher when driving. And that’s due to rolling resistance. We must also not forget that the problem can also be the poor running of the given tires. This is also a complication that is good to think about. And therefore check the tires.

When to inflate tires?

It is important not to forget that inflation and therefore the subsequent tire pressure measurement should always be carried out when the tires are cold. And that’s because that’s the only way we can really inflate the given tire the way it should be inflated. Let’s not forget that due to a long drive, the air in the tire heats up and thus also expands. And this causes much more pressure than if we took the measurement when the car has been standing in the parking lot for several hours.

If it is necessary to drive a few kilometers to the gas station, it is not a problem. However, remember that the longer trips you take before inflating and measuring the tire pressure, the more inaccurate everything can be.

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Inflating is easy

As we have already mentioned, it is ideal to visit the nearest gas station, as this is where you are sure that they will have a compressor available to inflate the car’s tires without difficulty. So you can be sure that you will no longer have to worry about inflating with a pump. This is useful, for example, only as a necessary aid in the case of extremely empty tires when you only inflate them to touch. Once you get to the gas station, the procedure is more than simple,

The first step is to remove the cover valve. Then you put on the compressor valve. There are solutions that stick by themselves, just as there are solutions that you must stick to. Many modern compressors at gas stations can now not only inflate, but also have a button with a minus sign, thanks to which you can also release the air. Thanks to this, you can inflate the tire as you need it. Once it is inflated, you disconnect the compressor valve, put on the cover, and continue with the remaining wheels. The process itself may not take more than a few dozen seconds.

What is the right pressure?

As we have already mentioned, the amount of tire pressure also plays an important role. Today, at most gas stations, it is no longer a problem to see how our tire is doing on a clear alarm clock. However, the correct amount of air may not always be easy. But in general, these data are given by the car manufacturers themselves. We can thus find a tire pressure sticker on the B pillar. We can find the sticker, for example, on the fuel door. Of course, there is also a manual that tells us how to inflate the tires properly.

If you can’t find the label anywhere, it’s good to remember that the optimal tire inflation for most cars is 2.2 – 2.5. Of course, it can mainly depend on how much luggage we are carrying or how many passengers are traveling in our car. It is good to remember that the more people there are in the car, and therefore the greater its load, the more it is good to inflate the tire. However, watch out for overblowing it.

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How often inflate tires?

It is also important to know the correct interval. Not only that, we regularly check the tires by sight. The pressure must also be checked with a pressure gauge. We can either have our own, or we can simply measure the amount of air at the gas pump and then inflate the tire. We should remember that it is a good idea to complete the act of connection with the pressure measurement at least once a month. This is the only way we can be sure that everything will be fine with our tires. With a short stop, we benefit both the consumption of our car, the condition of the tires, and the safety itself.

Don’t forget the spare tire

Although it is not necessary to inflate and check it so often, it should still be kept in mind that it should be ready for a smooth ride in the event of an unexpected event. Whether you have a full spare tire or just a temporary spare tire called a donut, you should definitely not forget to inflate it. And this is so that in the event of a defect, its deployment is enough, and we can continue driving without any particular problem.

Don’t worry about overblowing

If you follow the guidelines given on the specific label, there is no need to worry about overinflating the tire. Today, it is dimensioned in such a way that it should withstand several times the pressure without difficulty. Extra tens or units are basically no problem. However, remember that an over-inflated tire can exhibit the same negative characteristics as an under-inflated tire. This is also why it is good to devote enough time to ensure that everything is always in perfect order on this side. After that, you can go on any journey without any worries.