Kahn Flying Huntsman is for sale


Šestikolové Gecko from AMG is sold out and ancestor from Eberharda Schultze he still remembers something. Three-pointed star, however, is not the only way to šestikolovému off-roader! At this year’s Geneva Motor Show showed Kahn Design with the name of the car Flying Huntsman , which is several orders of magnitude more brutal version of the Land Rover Defender. And car from Palexpo, known as Prototype Mission 1 , is currently for sale.

Describing the appearance of the machine, which seemed just arrived from another, perhaps post-apocalyptic, dimension probably is not necessary. Still gives me at least mention dimly gray coating Volcano Rock Satin , double exhausts, led to the sides, the 400 mm extended chassis course new bumpers, or “bulging” of the bonnet. The cabin is completely upholstered in red leather , which adds to the anatomical seat of Harris Tweed brand, and of course plaquette showing off, with whom the owner has the honor.

Under the hood is a 6.2litrový osmiválec LS3 from General Motors, compared with the Geneva premiere boosted to 507 hp. This power is transmitted to all four wheels automatic transmission. Kahn behind all this requires 199,875 pounds (about 7.62 million dollars), the bonus is only 402 kilometers. Flying Huntsman also has a steering wheel on the right side, which opens the way for domestic and enthusiasts.

Source: Kahn Design