History FSO Polonez Racing 2500


In 1977, the Polish People’s Republic took place two seemingly unrelated events. In Warsaw factory FSO has been launched production of the Polonez, during the Polish rally there was a accident Andrzej Jaroszewicz , which crashed into a tree wrote his last Lancia Stratos with the word “Poland” through fog headlights.

If you are a little interested in politics, you name Jaroszewicz is certainly well known. During the years 1970 – 1980 for he was sure Piotr Jaroszewicz at the head of the Polish Cabinet, and Andrzej Jaroszewicz this otherwise relatively Rally successful pilot , is his son. Racing Stratos also was not completely write-off, or repair his body was indeed in the terms of real socialism almost impossible, but the technique has remained inside the car after a hard crash into a tree almost miraculously intact. A role in this to look strange game played by a new model car manufacturer FSO? Someone senior had thought to incorporate six-cylinder engine Ferrari in the body polonaises and create a “pure” Polish racing machine with which to Andrzej fought on stages and as a proud Pole represented his country in the Polish car.

Technicians FSO they took one POLONEZ produced, cut off the rear part of the floor and the seat and instead placed behind the driver and passenger 2.4litrový šestiválec Ferrari together with five-speed . The whole system was “protected” retrofitted tube cage. Originally the unit was tuned to 260 horsepower, revising the intake and exhaust system, however, increased to final 285 horsepower . Forward, instead of the original four-cylinder, moved dimensional radiator of the truck brand Star, whose main task was to the entire drive unit “rein”. Help had several other air inlets along different body. And because the thin rear tires standard Polonaise would barely managed to transfer such power to the road, was the extension to 350 mm . The wheels come shod them as well as the mechanical part of the Lancia Stratos.

Engine and transmission, however, did not end adjustments – from the wrecked Lancia managed to to save the brakes and chassis components , and all went into the bowels of the polonaise. The finished car with a concise nickname Stratopolonez without any significant previous tests put on his first start of the competition in 1978 and despite three oversteer skids eventually dominated the overall standings. Behind the wheel of the Polish beast turns Andrzej Jaroszewicz, Adam Polak, Maciej Stawowiak and Marian Bublewicz, either one, however, could be the management of oversteering car with poor weight distribution and questionable debugging program (both talking about contemporary records) not pleasant. Even more, if the Polonez 2500 Racing rear wheel drive and mid engine able to 100 km / h to shoot for 5-6 seconds and reached a speed of between 200 to 230 km / h (some sources state to 280 km / h).

Despite all the above maladies, mistakes and shortcomings “Stratopolonez” participated in races until 1985 and was able to keep up with the Porsche 911 or Renault 5 Turbo. After retirement pension is earned only made copy fell into the hands of Warsaw Museum of Technology and Industry , where he received a thorough renovation and its curves are showing off today.

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