Blog: Jaguar on the rise?

It seems that since the Coventry-based car company was bought by the Indian group TATA Motors , the "cat" has only been doing well. Gone are the days when you bought a tricked-out Jaguar here and there, which wasn't so bad as a whole, but simply didn't match the character and history of the brand. The investigation was visible and you were actually buying a disguised Ford .

Those times are perhaps, thank God, over and now we can watch how the German top three finally has a worthy competitor. New chassis platforms, new engines, great design, yes, that's the Jaguar of today. A car enthusiast's heart must skip a beat. Rumors about the notorious unreliability of British-made cars can be dispelled with success, perhaps because the designers and engineers of the brand are trying their best to make us forget about the X-Type, S-Type and similar models . It can therefore be assumed that the technology used will be of high quality. All this is to be supported by completely new Ingenium engines, whether they be petrol or diesel variants. Jaguar makes it clear that it has said goodbye to Ford's Duratec petrol engines and PSA's diesels, another sign that the "guts" of the new Jaguars could be of good quality and that the era of morbid research from the days when the car company was owned by Ford is perhaps over for good. . One of the other indicators that Jaguar is not "shooting" blindly is the combination of new engines with eight-speed ZF transmissions , which are reliable and less complicated than dual-clutch boxes.

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All this supported by brilliantly tuned suspensions, which are an ideal compromise between sportiness and comfort . It is said that it is not yet clear about a sharp competitor for the M3, but everything indicates that it could arise. Precisely because the XFR-S , from which the M5 does not sleep lightly, is already racing on the roads some Friday, so a competitor in the form of a fast XE will definitely come. Should the people of Munich be afraid ? Yes, most definitely. Which is nothing but good news for us petrolheads.

Source: Honza Koubek, Meziplyn