Volkswagen Golf GTI is the Clubsport


Golf GTI Clubsport is in draft form first appeared at this year’s meeting at Lake Wörthersee its 265 horses caused a stir. And because the sharp Golf celebrates fortieth birthday , Volkswagen decided to embark powerful specifications into production.

The most interesting change is the annual GTI, as well as the concept two-liter turbocharged petrol engine on the performance of 265 hp, which is compared with the conventional Golf GTI Performance 35 hp better value. There is also the overboost , which will increase the short-term performance at the final four-cylinder 290 horsepower. Front-wheel transmits this power six-speed manual, or six-speed dual-clutch automatic DSG . In terms of dynamics is doing a shade better machine with which white hatchback accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. The manual is in this respect a tenth worse. The maximum speed of 250 km / h is already not the same for both boxes. And today most watched consumption? 6.7 l / 100 km with DSG or 6.9 l / 100 with manual transmission.

As with the concept of the body presentation model fitted with white Oryx , but the end user will be able to reach even when other shades. The white lacquer but are most obvious black detail , including retro bar at the bottom of the door, the ribs on the sides of the front bumper, splitter, rear spoiler, the diffuser and optionally the roof. The front bumper is also new triangular suck air , profile stand out skirts and rear LED LED lights. Wheels are standard 18 inches, the charges are but an inch bigger.

Seats which lacked typical checkered upholstery, as they are much more anatomical and partially Alcantara coated . The same material was used on the steering wheel, the other parts of the interior, including rugs are stitched in red thread. Dashboards and door panels decorated with a new lining.

Source: Volkswagen