Volkswagen Beetle 1302 S Rally – A dream come true


Canadian Dave Hord has been marked by cars since childhood. His dad always something at home discussing the old bikes, Triuphy , Audin , but mainly Bugs . And Beetle dug into Dave’s mind, because it was the first car that drove . He then says that it is love at first sight. Moreover, he enjoyed a lot of rallies, often and then drove with modified cars Audi . With these being great fun with all-wheel drive. Later, when Dave moved, remembering his love for bugs and decided to build a replica rally Beetle S 1302 1971, who raced under the Austrian team in Europe. At that time, Volkswagen said model Super Beetle , and Austrian importer of cars Porsche Austria with construction vehicles aquifers decided to support the marketability of these cars. But in Canada, of course, on these cars never heard from again.

Outwardly is almost perfect replica. However, beneath the surface already refer extensively refurbished car. Construction of the replica took him two years. And despite the fact that a number of things, such as with painting or protective frame, friends helped him. Collecting data and information about all modifications have been very difficult. The hardest part was finding nezrezlý Super Beetle 1971 or 72. Finally, Dave bought a total of four cars (one from 1972) and of those built their dream piece. Under the hood is moved but the new engine 2.1-liter that had a local designer of tune. Although the car is not quite contemporary, but the owner built it so that it was happy. And I even after three years still flourish.

Source: Petrolicious