Video – Safe Lada and clicker from Russia!

We have seen countless funny or dangerous videos from the Russian state, but none were as shocking as the one below the article. The main role in the video was played by Lada or VAZ 2105 . We can say that the driver of the mentioned car and the passenger in the back seat were really born again.

We don't know exactly what happened, but for now it looks like the driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the left side of the truck from the opposite direction. After this collision, each of us surely expected to be killed or seriously injured. But this did not really happen and the driver got out of the car on his own. Really unheard of.

Russian media reports that the driver suffered only a few broken ribs and the female passenger had only a few bruises. Even in the editorial office, we can't explain how they could survive it, maybe the Lada is a really safe vehicle, who knows… (stop the video at 2:29)