Two BMW 116i in a decent jacket from KTW


BMW 116i appears already in serial form very well. But yet it can be for someone a little. Help then look at the German company KTW to prepare for this car cosmetic package . The presentation of your product once used two of these cars , so let’s look at them.

Both cars represented are in the spirit understated style and elegant color combinations. Literally black black piece of foil on the frames received kidney, most are spared even on glass. Another portion of the colors found on the twenty-inch wheels Tomasoni TN-9 Black . They are fitted with tires of the dimension 235/30 ZR20 . Behind them are hiding red calipers brakes. The car is brought closer to the road through running gear kit H & R . Black film also cover some strips and plastic in the interior. The modified car can be parked in your garage for a 630 000 crowns .

White also got a bit of a considerable portion of Black film . It is also settled on rims kidney, further on the roof mirrors and the bottom of the front bumper. Attention was also paid to darken the windows. White film brightened the interior, we can be found on the rails and some plastics. For the BMW 116i designer of chose dvacetipalcová AEZ Antigua Dark , shod in tires 235/20 ZR20 . Furthermore, it is similar to the previous car. Same red calipers and the same Driving kit H & R . This piece can be considered 646,000 crowns . Both cars get VAT and MOT certificates .

Source: WorldCarFans