Toyota unveiled the final version of the hydrogen sedan


Hydrogen Toyota is already a few weeks is not a secret, and besides Japanese and American customers it ‘ve seen Europeans . Everywhere was not presented as a pre-production mode l under the name FCV next year, but the market starts out as Mirai , which is, inter alia, the Japanese word for the future.

And the future, this is 4890 mm long , 1815 mm wide and 1535 mm high upper middle class sedan with a wheelbase of 2780 mm. Besides the futuristic design , which, however, Toyota announced already in June, has Mirai also very futuristic interior . It consists from two large panels with a glossy black finish, one of which functions as a conventional center console and the other informs the driver of the hydrogen drive. Apart from them Mirai inside design quite complicated and certainly does not skimp rounded lines. The instrument panel ahead of the driver you search in vain – the place has had on top of the dashboard and the dictates of tradition, it is fully digitalized .

Powerplant, drawing energy from hydrogen fuel cells, a 155 bhp , which is enough to accelerate to 96 km / h in 9 seconds and flexible acceleration for 40 km / h to 64 km / h in 3 seconds . Indicated range is 483 km , while the full complement of the hydrogen tank takes about 5 minutes. The biggest obstacle to the number of hydrogen refueling station , whose construction at least in the US, however, the Japanese automaker is hard at work.

The first pieces will head the customer next year , the first should come home to a number of Japan. Then the United States will also see where you end up being the first California. There will Mirai start at 57,500 dollars (about 1.2 million), thanks to state and federal incentives, but the final price may drop to a much more interesting 44,500 US dollars (about 986,000 dollars). Toyota will offer US customers also auto to three years rent for 499 dollars (about 11,000 dollars) per month, with an initial down payment amounts to 3,649 US dollars (about 81,000 dollars). In both cases, the rate includes service and assistance service 24/7, warranty for 8 years / 100,000 miles , a three-year free hydrogen refueling and maintenance of three years under the Toyota Care.

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Source: Toyota