Toyota revealed the new Prius


Toyota Prius in 1997 became the first in a stable hybrid car , which to this day is three generations sold 3.5 million. A typical hallmark of the first four-door sedan and five-door liftback then has always been relatively controversial design . When looking for a new fourth generation, however, the question arises whether the controversy is not up too much.

We can start at the front of the stair and several curved LED diode lights . The shape of the lower part of the bumper cut sharply copies, which is incorporated into the blue-tinged character Toyota. This is the way, according to a press release at the same height as the sports GT86 . The shape of the bodywork and alloy wheel is closely tied aerodynamic regulations is so interesting and perhaps the only black C-pillar, creating a floating roof effect. That in itself is sits 20 mm lower than its predecessor (1470 mm), which, together with an extension of 60 mm (4540 mm) and extension by 15 mm (1760 mm) overall design certainly helped. The rear portion of copies elements from hydrogen sedan Mirai , because there are There unorthodox group bent light and two-piece glass. The choice will total Eight paintwork including red Emotional.

Like the Prius became in 1997 the first global hybrid now becomes the first global model using platform TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). Thanks to the car’s chassis by 60 percent stiffer , was lowered center of gravity and save the driveline. Alone hybrid system to be due to the revision of each component a little smaller and lighter , while there is a 10 percent fuel savings and 40procentnímu increase thermal efficiency. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are somewhat compact, but have also longer life and faster charging. Chassis with new suspension on both axles (rear double wishbones are) promises a more agile and fun to ride.

The appearance of the dashboard does not differ from the standards established by its predecessor model and Mirai. Fully digital instrument panel is so centrally located, while the center console is dominated by a touch screen infotainment control. Classic button already has a panel air conditioning. Lesson of minimalism gives selector automatic transmission . Some part of the three equipment lines will pack Toyota Safety Sense s Pre-Crash system warnings when getting out of the lane, automatic beam headlights, adaptive cruise control and exclusively for Europe also reading road signs.

Source: Toyota