Toyota is preparing for the production of hydrogen-powered models


Toyota is already a world leader in production and sales hybrid cars and since 2015, wants to engage the world of alternative drives even more. How it looks fact, the fuel of the future is now hydrogen .

The first hydrogen swallow Toyota becomes sedan FCV-R , which has a length of 4745 mm, 1790 mm width and 1510 mm height. His form has been known from the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Frankfurt , but the model shows again, now with a detailed description of the drivetrain.

The basis is hydrogen drive technology Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive , which is used in the hybrid Prius necessary. Unlike him, however, instead of a conventional internal combustion engine uses FCV-R a fuel cell stack . Batteries for power of 21 kW to drive the electric assist motor, does not change. As fuel cells and batteries are located under the front floor.

The classical fuel tank replacing pair of high-pressure hydrogen tanks with (originally be built in an automobile, four tanks), which are located behind and below the trunk floor under the seats. The maximum range of the hydrogen sedan in standard conditions, according to Toyota 675 km.

Such a technique will first be able to buy 2015 when Toyota will start selling an experimental hydrogen sedan. Around 2020, then we wait for the mass spread of this technology, mainly due to the construction of hydrogen stations. In the Czech Republic, for example, currently only one – Neratovice .

Source: Toyota