Toyota introduces the concept of a hydrogen sedan Tokyo


appearance Toyota FCV We had originally seen already on the Frankfurt Motor Show . At the very model fairground but I missed him the first time and so, finally, with the final look, see up in Tokyo .

Design sedan is supposed to commemorate key characteristics of vehicle fuel cell – the transformation of air into water to produce electricity and dynamic acceleration of the use of an electric motor . Especially striking are abundantly represented air intakes and many recesses on the body.

Its dimensions are FCV classified accurately between vehicle midrange – on the length of the 4870 mm width 1810 mm Vertical 1535 mm < / ST1: metricconverter> wheelbase and has a length of 2780 mm . Compared to conventional cars FCV that segment has a distinct advantage.

To drive the car are used Two high-pressure ( 70 MPa) hydrogen tanks and lightweight fuel cell stack FC Stack which exhibit a power density of 3 kW / l . Performance drive system is at least 100 kW , the indicated minimum range is 500 km . the system of a fuel cell in addition uses a highly efficient converter to increase the voltage produced by Toyota. with higher voltages it was possible to reduce the size of the electric motor and the number of fuel cells to produce an overall smaller system with higher performance and lower costs .

Source: Toyota