The scary accident of the Koenigsegg CCR at the Polish rally

The Swedish supercar, the Koenigsegg CCR , was presented as early as 2004 at the Geneva Exhibition Center and thus ranked among, for example, the Bugatti Veyron or the SSC Ultimate Aero. The named CCR was also modified for racing purposes, taking part in this year's Gran Turismo rally in Poznań, Poland.

In the attached video, we can notice right away that the driver of the given Swedish supercar cannot tame the power of over 800 horsepower . But even so, he doesn't give up and tries a second time, which has far more fatal consequences than just the engine seizing. The CCR driver lost control of his vehicle and unfortunately drove into a crowd of spectators on the side of the track.

We warn you in advance that the video does not show anything nice, because after the impact people are thrown out and literally fly through the air like figures. Fortunately, no one was killed, but even so, four people are seriously injured and 15 people are slightly injured.