The company said VL Automotive Fisker Karma right engine


Luxury sports cars with graceful curves are today welcomed . Excel in the classic cars from corporations whose design is largely conservative and cool.

Very interesting creations showcased carmaker Fisker Automotive on its hybrid Karma. Sporty cut limousine at first glance attention. But imagine how much would have been interesting if engineers removed the rear door and added a little at a sports sensation osmiválcem without proper battery . Now a lot of feedback prompted Automotive carmaker VL to design and introduce the concept of Destino Red at the North American International Auto Show. The two-door convertible sports folding hardtop borrowed basis of us already mentioned Fisker Karma . In a similar vein they designed its rounded body lines and luxuriously conceived interior full of quality materials, including the skin from Katzkin with red stitching.

How can u expect the concept, the automaker does not want to reveal much information. Given that Red sedan Destino is available in two engine versions from General Motors and 6.2-liter LT1 V8 with an output of 540 hp and powerful supercharged LS9 < / strong> with the same volume and power of 638 hp, it can be assumed that would be convertible under the hood appeared.

Likewise, we can only guess about putting into production . Co-founder of Gilbert Villarreal revealed that the retail production of hopes, but now the project has five-month delay . This is due to the reorganization and personnel changes within the company Fisker Automotive , which is the major supplier of mechanical parts and bodywork. And left nothing but wait its final expression on the further development of the partnership.

Automotive VL will strive to consolidate the relationship in the context of the supply of all components, so that the project could continue. At the same time work as well as in the development of custom parts , especially for the front and rear of the car, the trunk lid and hood. Let’s just hope that everything will , it would be a shame to lose such a beautiful project.