Technical University of Ostrava students build their own formula


On the campus of the University of Mining in Ostrava in recent months really busy. Besides those major projects, such as the newly built supercomputer ranks among the most powerful in Central Europe, we can see the development of a new formula under the rules of Formula SAE organization.

Do this ambitious project involves just eight departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. They joined forces and developed a student formula, which aims not only themselves comparing the resulting structural design among other teams from other universities, but also tighten the theoretical knowledge gained by studying into practice and at the same time learn to cooperate with each other throughout the entire development team.

Currently addressing students under the watchful eyes of the project manager, Mr. Sliva associate professor Ales how the structure and dynamics, and in particular the functionality of each of the proposed units. “Students are tasked to solve together the individual components or elements of the formula both the design and then verify these model components and their activities. The components are connected together into larger assemblies, and therefore the cooperation of students is inevitable. “

While a student pays for instance the development of management, other students are working on suspension, cooling system design, design and drive. Nor can miss communication with the suppliers of the components necessary to construct all parts of the formula.

And what actually is Formula SAE? In short you can say that it is a design competition for university students, which originated in the United States in 1981. In Europe came in 1998 and currently she attends more than 500 teams from around the world. The task is according to the assignment to develop and build a working prototype, which is offered to a retail weekend riders. Great emphasis is therefore placed not only high performance but also on ease of maintenance and reliability. The car should be safe, especially as the cheapest. The production plan is 1,000 units per year. In international competitions is then evaluated as a driveability formula design and marketing plan and the final price. The best formula is then dock “production”.

And even a small bead at the end. A member of the development team is also Ing. Pavel Dresler, racing driver and navigator Jana Kopeckého in the factory team Škoda Motorsport.

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