Suzuki Cappuccino served as a basis for the creation Toyota Supra


Also it happened to you that you let Toyota Supra fourth generation after washing in the sun and she knocked a little? Would you like this Japanese legend, but you have a short garage ? Never mind!

Okay, now somewhat seriously. Toyota Supra wants a lot of car enthusiasts, but this just is not the one you would have imagined . At the Detroit Motor Show, the company unveiled NATS ‘ mini-Toyota Supra “, built by a group of students who used as the Suzuki cappuccino .

This small car belonging between kei-cars hardtop roof type, was produced in years 1991-1997. Under the hood, the engine worked a little a capacity of 0.66 liters associated with the five-speed manual or three-stage machine. Cappuccino together possessed mammoth output of 64 hp .

No further details on the “ mini-Supra ” we do not, but nor are they necessary. The processing details are precise and overall idea certainly deliver . As an advertising lure is ideal. It’s not the first time nor the last time on the company’s hear last year at the Tokyo Motor Show was shocked crowds modified Toyota GT86 style Audi R8 . I’d say “ mini-Supra ” a little more compact and reliable, “R8” was already perfect drift.

Source: Carscoops