Spring meeting in Škodateamu Běšiny 2015 – Lots of winged arrows


Škodateam a given matter again and again this year participants came up with the organizers of the meeting a program that made up and do not always warm weather .

On Friday went first škodováci paintball in the evening then in the traditional drive-in look on film Need for Speed ​​ . But as always, the main day Saturday. At nine o’clock in the morning ran a competition for the most beautiful cars in thirteen categories, the loudest exhaust and audio and throwing carburetor Weber at the target. At the same time, also introduced the finalists on stage Girls Škodateamu in the first interview. Gradually, followed by another photo shoot with a waiting Damage Otavio RS Combi washing her swimsuit and ultimately ride on an electric rodeo bull . In one hour, then started a large orienteering across the Bohemian Forest, in which the participants tried twice slalom , driving skills and sprint . Saturday evening the girls belonged publication Škodateamu, which will become the face and calendar-disco-rock flows when everyone entertained with hits of the 80s and 90s.

And what cars they were meeting to see? The largest representation was probably the series 742 , a 105 sedans, 120 < / a>, 125, 130, 135 and 136 in a sedan or coupe version of Rapid < / strong> . Shame ample representation did not let even older models 100 , 110 , 110R 1000 megabytes . There was also the original Octavia Felicia even one 1101 Tudor . The company Renovation veteran presented here racing Rapid 130 R / H Newly renovated 1000 megabytes B5 . Arrived but younger models Favorit Forman Felicia Octavia Fabio Superb Roomster or Citigo . Visitors could then close look at the third-generation Superb . Škodovkám then in camp cannons by two racing Lady < / a> and Polski Fiat 126P . Finally arrived at the trailer and renovated Dioss Rebel Nova close behind i MTX Roadster . So definitely look was always something.

Photo: Mikka