Skoda comes with new accessories for traveling with a dog

For dog owners who take their pets on vacation , Skoda offers practical accessories for safe and clean travel with their four-legged pets. Clever offers range from a safety belt for dogs to a grill separating the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment.

When transporting dogs on the back seat , a seat belt for the dog is an essential part of the original accessories. Without this security, the animal would be thrown forward in the event of a collision, which would pose a threat not only to the quadruped, but also to the person sitting in front of it. In addition, the belt prevents the dog from moving and thus distracting the driver during normal driving. The dog safety belt can be ordered in four sizes – from S to XL. It also has another practical use: in connection with the leash, the belt can also be used for walks and training the dog.

If you place your dog in the back seat while driving, the practical protective cover ensures that the interior remains clean. Whether in the Citigo or Superb model, the cover is large enough to cover the entire rear seat area and protect it from pet hair and other debris. The firm cover fabric is waterproof and easy to wash . In addition, the anti-slip surface treatment increases safety while driving. Using eyelets, the cover is simply attached to the headrests of the front and rear seats.

Dividing grilles for the Fabia Combi, Octavia Combi and Superb Combi models ensure the safe transport of a dog in the luggage compartment. Using this longitudinal dividing grid, the luggage compartment can be divided into two parts . The dog on one side, suitcases and other objects on the other – this is practical and safe at the same time. The same applies to the transverse dividing grille, which is available for the Fabia Combi and Superb Combi. This vertical grille , located directly behind the headrests of the rear seats, prevents the animal from accessing the passenger compartment. The design of the grille allows the driver an unobstructed view to the rear.

To keep the luggage compartment as clean as possible even when transporting a dog, it can be protected with rugs or mats, which are available for all models. The rubber mat exactly matches the shape of the luggage compartment floor and does not need to be fixed in any way. If necessary, the mat can be easily removed and cleaned. The range of Skoda Original accessories also includes a robust plastic protective insert for the luggage compartment. For the Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti, Octavia and Octavia Combi models, double-sided boot mats are also available as an option. On one side they are covered with fabric, on the other side with a material resistant to dirt and water. To cleanly transport a four-legged pet, it is enough to turn the carpet with the durable side up.

Source: Skoda