Skoda Auto to safe driving course


Although it might seem that the windows of our homes for more than two months carried out a cruel fight between seasons, when spring has visibly on top, it’s not entirely true. The fact is that winter still wants to speak, especially in the morning hours when we can on the road very uncomfortable and sometimes tease black ice and windblown snow, for example.

Until this moment to recognize a really good driver who can estimate how your skills and above all the vehicle’s limits and all possible risk situations with a cool head and solve the right arrives to the finish. Make no mistake. This is certainly not commonplace even for drivers who proudly considered the most experienced. But where and how to get the right habits and know how to maintain a particular situation?

The solution is to participate in safe driving course, which includes training and safety simulation of the most common risk situations at a training area of ​​the polygon.

Such a course would allow each participant should:

Anticipate risk situations

Improve driving skills on various types of surfaces

Better know the properties and the limits of the vehicle

Acquire basic skills when driving on slippery surfaces

Getting rid of the feeling of helplessness and shock due to uncontrolled movement of the vehicle

Mlada Boleslav automaker Skoda Auto for students VSB – Technical University of Ostrava has prepared just such a course. That took place on Thursday 27 February at Center for safe driving Libros in Ostrava and its aim was to acquaint students with a range of risk situations.

After the introductory theoretical part, the students went through the basics correct position behind the wheel, the differences between understeering and přetáčivým skidding or aquaplaning, followed by a dynamic part associated with driving the latest models automakers Skoda .

And ask for a dynamic discipline that had experienced instructors from the Libros poised to students? The first was immediately cornering on a surface with reduced adhesion, which was to test the ability of drivers to cope with understeering shear. This was followed by the test driver’s reaction time to a sudden obstacle ahead of the vehicle and the length of the test comparing the stopping distance depending upon the type of surface associated with the emergency braking. It has slowly come to the most interesting discipline around the polygon, which for all involved certainly was a simulation and training oversteer skidding to a special shear plate. Here it was fully revealed who has effective control over the vehicle and a passenger who is holding the steering wheel in your hands.

Besides the very safe driving course could also be a static display of the entire model line automakers, led by Skoda Octavia Green E Line , whose heart is an electric motor with a rated power of 60 kW and 270 Nm of torque. Less environmentally minded students pay attention to the design study Skoda Citigo Rally . He at first sight with its massive bumpers with large air intakes, roof spoiler and forged wheels in size 18 inches. As the name says, so the equipment can also be a protective frame, racing seat or purely functional controls located on the center console.

Chapter to itself was racing special Fabia S2000 maximum power of 205 kW at 8250 rpm, and all-wheel drive, the crew of Jan Kopecký and Pavel Dresler which is PhD students VSB. On campus participates in cooperation with the Institute of Transport in the development of student formula (more here < / a> ), which for the occasion has prepared a sample of students’ work as a special racing simulator or original rear suspension student formula (more There ).

And forget I did not have to field an insert that procuring Skoda Yeti configuration with a diesel engine, manual transmission and all-wheel drive and test polygon that can torment even cars like Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender . As a Yeti in difficult terrain led? It will tell you in her article and only on our driving impressions only Czech SUV.

Photo: Petr Mlch, ČTK