Review: Toyota Yaris 1.33 Dual VVT-i Style

Only in April said the Japanese automaker facelift Yaris . It is very similar to the new generation of the model Aygo . For testing we chose a model with a larger motor 1.33 Dual VVT-i equipped Style . Yaris is one of the most important car company vehicles and in modernization invested 85 million Euros. It pays in the end automaker such deposit?


Model Aygo is a very remarkable for his samurai mask shaped X . This is facelifted Yaris pretty similar, but here the letter X is not so pronounced. Additionally, the level of equipment that we have available, supplemented chromavnou garnish. Its upper part only leads to new headlamps with a black background, and not to view mirrors, as with its smaller sibling. The headlights were added and LED LED daytime running lights. Also changed the rear, especially around the license plate. Others are also rear lights, which also can be found in LED diodes. New shape, however, stretched the length of the Yaris about 65 mm to 3950 mm overall. Still with him is probably not difficult to park. On the left three- and five-door body, but less doors can have only one liter version in the two lowest trim levels. Toyota has apparently figured out that our market is just down the tailgate much greater demand. From trim levels Active you automatically painted handles and mirrors, plus you get a set of alloy wheels. An interesting detail is single wiper dual-arm, which is reminiscent of the bus. The washer is then placed directly on the wiper. Color swatches Yaris is quite imaginative in red looks fiercely in blue again gracefully. You’ll get both for the white version, it depends from which angle you look at the car.

The interior

Though at first sight, plastics in the interior are now better and pleasant to the touch. Behind the wheel, you feel more comfortable, which is not only a subjective impression, it caused increase the center tunnel (by 23 mm). The gear lever is conversely shorter by about 3 cm, which makes it easier to handle. Also multifunctional steering wheel leather, adjustable height and reach, easy to hold and wreath optimum thickness. Just again I must reproach to flatten the bottom, a small hatchback into the city it is really unnecessary. The driver’s seat is adjustable , so finding the optimum position behind the wheel is not a problem. However, as a habit lately, sitting higher than in older cars, while the steering wheel is positioned lower. The shape of the dashboard and the optically active generously increased interior space. Air conditioning vents are located upstairs next to the alarm again on the other side you will find a small storage pocket, for example, on the phone. Casing front passenger seat is unexpectedly small, Toyota succumbed to the modern trend bottomless mailboxes and just let More space spolujezdcovým feet. This is excellent news, because in this segment every centimeter counts. Despite this, there is plenty of storage space, KASTLIK over the next rack and even door pockets can hold a lot of your stuff.

Place the back to me almost surprised in this segment is feels above-average . Also, interior spaciousness and better usability has been one of the points on which the development team at facelift focus. Even if the driver moves back up, not the passengers in the rear legs amputated or change cross-legged. And all passengers have i sufficient headroom . What will surprise many is very high rear bench seat. Thanks to them but sitting on it nice and comfortable. However, a plethora of places where it is not, it’s trunk. We still have 286 liters or 768 liters by folding the seats. The rear seats are split 60:40, but after folding not create a plane with the luggage compartment floor.

Vehicle equipment is very rich, even on safety features. In the car 7 airbags (front, side, curtain and knee for the driver), multifunction steering wheel with radio controls, automatic dual-zone air conditioning , an air-conditioned glove box, armrest and board computer system Toyota Touch 2 , which is much easier to control than previous versions. The display is located high on the dashboard and is thus in the driver’s peripheral vision. His seven-inch screen really miss, moreover, perfectly transfers the image from the reversing camera. Today of course the communication system in English. Moreover, you can also listen to music via Bluetooth from your phone. The sound is then due six speakers, very friendly. In addition, you can project but also graphs on consumption, speed and distance traveled on your journey. Richer equipment we found in the trim levels Premium , but just do not feel like me tested Yaris something missing. The car is the most obligatory safety systems including ABS. Is permanently monitored and tire pressure or, among other things, whether the passenger is strapped. But what you will not find in your car, it’s at least spare wheel driving. Under the carpet in the trunk is the only tire repair kit.


If you know an older version, be sure to register during the ride lower noise level . Soundproofing of the car is now much better than the original model, which enhances comfortable impression of the journey. But it is mainly caused entirely new dampers . Ride with them is much more pleasant and small bumps on the road is no longer such a big problem. But it does not affect the lateral tilt of the vehicle and the chassis could handle more power or a sports version. That, however, by the third generation of confess . Sort is a Short and exact pathway and induces little sporty impression. In combination with live ignition třináctistovkou it is not entirely irrelevant, because the road dynamics is a lightweight car with excellent . It’s really great nowadays bound by strict emission limits, once again sit in a small car with a normally aspirated engine, for example, has the linear sweep of the lower speed or willingness to be dialed for maximum power and torque. Even with a fierce drive Yaris tells more than 6 liters per 100 kilometers and in the corners or sides to not travel too. Not that the seat should somehow excellent lateral guidance, rather it is due to a material that has anti-slip . Very sensitive and can dispense the brakes. And the city will appreciate the excellent maneuverability and skill . Yaris has a turning radius of only 4.7 meters. In addition, the city will be in the lower speed range, so that consumption and engine noise will become nice complement drive.

The basic unit is liter three-roll , an output of 69 horse above it we tested třináctistovka with an output of 99 hp, and then still under hybrid 1.6 s electric on the performance of 105 hp. Complete list completes Diesel unit 1.4 D-4D 90 bhp. The four-cylinder engine 1.33 Dual VVT-i at first glance appears to be the optimal choice for universal use in the car and beyond. Has quiet operation and not very high consumption in both driving modes. The engine can choose a six-speed manual (as in our case) or automatic transmission Multidrive S. Otherwise, access to it is great, because the hood opens almost to the upright position.


Toyota Yaris belonged to the Czech Republic always among the most popular cars in the segment. And about a thousand cars sold annually is a good result. This trend will continue upgraded version because jednaznačně among the precious cars. Certainly it is worth investing in higher engine 1.33. With him Yaris is not significantly “greedy” and yet, thanks to driving dynamics and great improved chassis can have fun and ride alone. The disadvantage is a small trunk than that offered by the competition, and higher seating position behind the wheel. However, these are things that many owners do not mind.

Basic price (1.0 VVT-i Power) 259 900 CZK

Basic price (1.33 Dual VVT-i Active) 292 400 CZK

The price of the tested model 334 900 CZK

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