Review: Toyota Tonero 25

Clink glasses, sparkling wine is chilled in a freezer spread smells and prepare snacks. Already week, perhaps you are taking time off and just having fun. And we could show you a prodigal fun car, but rather we said that wicked looking at something practical. Something most practical, what we have tested, ie Forklift alias VZV. This particular is called Toyota Tonero 25 (it has a much longer and more complicated name full of numbers and letters, but believe me, you do not want to hear), and the number indicates simply and clearly, how much can lift (2500 kg).


Truck design can be described as very good, so if you can work with machines assess appearance. But it has great compact dimensions is such a sleek whole. In the folded position of the forks do not extend too cab. The rear hood is long just right, making the truck looks more stable. Trolleys without tailgate gives the impression that it could easily tip over, even if it’s nonsense. Since I first drove a truck completely open and canopy affects me luxusněji. Otherwise, it is all subject to performance.

The interior

First be sure to look at the comfortable molded seat . True, seat and back are short, but even here you can find hint lateral guidance . But cutting corners just forget. The VZV rather dribbles after storage and rotates on the spot and at such a time is small support fits. The seat is very soft but air cushioned and so on it can jiggle just like bus drivers. Of course, you can move the seat forward and backward. However, the work you’re alone, another passenger in the truck cab fit. In front of you a sphere to facilitate steering and maneuvering even find the right armrest. At the end of the levers to control the fork, so you have everything pretty handy. Right under the armrest find clipboards where you can order material přicvaknout what you bring. Of the steering wheel is in turn Display showing a fuel or other useful information and control heating. So now you can slam richly glazed door (very large, practically, we can say that the entire side wall are just the door) and go.


Parlous truck is started. The ignition key to the first position, then you need to check the neutral and essentially discarded again, even if it was taken out, and then you only use electronic helpers are allowed to start. The engine is not noisy and does not even have reason to be. You still need to click release the and then you can start. You even have two-speed gearbox. At the warehouse after maneuvering going on a turtle, when scanning the halls, so that you can depress and include hare. But beware of the load, whether it somewhere nevyklopíte. Otherwise forks move smoothly and with a loaded pallet necukají as was customary in old Czech Dest. Any irregularities on the surface with enough cloumají truck. It may come at a very small size of the wheels.


It probably will not end so that after reading these lines discard tray of canapés and go for a Toyota to the nearest dealer. He would probably just stand remained puzzled and did not know what the car after you actually want. But if you have a warehouse and a small Tonero is for you

Cost tested model: Agreement

Photo: Mikka

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