Review: Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo

Toyota C-HR is a new crossover, which at first glance unusual design. Although the C-HR is a Compact Hybrid Revolution, produced in a version powered by a gasoline engine only.


C-HR just miss, among other cars excels extravagant design. The front part is more rounded, there are large headlights in LED technology. The rear section has a lot of sharp lines, including substantially shaped headlamps and a massive spoiler. On the large 18-inch wheels it looks very interesting. Are practical and plastic wheel arches and door sills sheathing.

The interior

Interior design is at first glance, quality as well as the materials used. Interior sills from the ceiling to the diamond motif, whether it is a function key, or just embossed design. The dashboard is divided blue line which continues to the middle door panel. Display infotainment protrudes from the dashboard and near the driver’s field of vision. Infotainment itself is clear, but we need him vytkout complete absence of mechanical buttons. Conversely, air conditioning is controlled by its own keys, setting thanks to fast and be blindfolded. The instrument panel has two power meters – speedometer and tachometer. Among them is a color 4.2-inch display, which in addition to conventional information includes G Monitor – an indicator of gravitational overloads. The steering wheel is height and reach adjustable, is padded nappa leather and has heating. They show the driver radios, hands-free, trip computer and keeping active in the lanes and spacing adaptive cruise control. Other cruise control functions are controlled by a separate control on the steering wheel.
Seats are comfortable and well heated. View forward is through a well-shaped and posts excellent, rewind it a lot worse naštěsí is the servicing equipment reversing camera.
Rear passengers are due to the small rear windows rather limited view of the outside.
The trunk has a volume of 377 liters, the volume after folding seats are not mentioned. The fact is that after folding the seat edge arises.

Engine and driving

There is a choice between a supercharged 1.2 and 1.8 petrol hybrid, combining with electric motors. A hybrid version is always in combination with E-CVT transmission. Petrol 1.2 is available in three versions: with a manual gearbox and 6 ° variator Multidrive S transmission drive or front wheel.
A test version has a 1.2 petrol with an output of 116 hp with a water-cooled turbocharger and intercooler water. New engine has variable valve timing VVT-iW, thanks to which it can switch between Otto cycle for maximum performance and Atkinson cycle for maximum efficiency. It has plenty of power at low engine speeds as noise and vibration was maintained at a very decent level. The engine is equipped with start-stop system and still meet the EURO 6 Indicated consumption is close to the real, in pursuit of saving among the city’s consumption of 5.2 liters, an increase of one tenth of a liter higher than indicated. In consumption moves into eight liters.
Transmission has long speed to the sixth speed motor at a speed of 130 km / h rotates 2750 revolutions. Manual transmission function has IMT – Intelligent Manual Transmission, which when downshifting automatically gives meziplyn ride is smoother and less wear to the clutch.
The chassis is very well tuned, and on tires with dimension 225/50 R18 works well with inequalities and the problem does not make him or svišnější cornering.
Pleasant is a large number of assistants already in the basic equipment, such as adaptive cruise control, active maintenance on the carriageway, or automatic switching beam / low beam. The test car also has a system to monitor the blind spot, a warning to traffic behind the car and traffic sign recognition.


Toyota C-HR is an interesting car among crossovers. It is one of the few cars on the European market, which is not available with a diesel engine. Pity that option is not available all-wheel drive and a manual transmission, the CVT may not suit everyone. The difference in the purchase price of the hybrid and 1.2 with manual gearbox, the fuel will pay for about 150 tkm.

+ Good chassis and steering

+ Quality design

+ High gear as well as standard


– worse rear view

– worse outlook for the rear passengers

– version with all-wheel drive only with the CVT transmission

 Source article: TEST Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo