Review: Test: Datsun 260Z 2 + 2

You know, you get together with friends in the cafeteria at the go-kart track, and get into a debate that off-road passes most of which Convertible is best to seal the roof and that předokolka is the best. You think that Integra Type-R , a friend will oppose that 205 GTI . But this is according to all available information prone to rollover, while Honda has a high-speed motor and can have no fault. Begin pulling the myths and truths gathered reading while you constantly biting whether it’s true. So in our new series, we look at the car and interesting problems and pleasures associated with their ownership and operation. And it’s up to you whether finally that, you and your dream piece can be parked in his garage.

At the outset, we have something special, a Japanese classic Datsun 260Z 2 + 2 . Zetka from Datsun , and now the Nissan , that are members of a very famous family of sports cars and is one of the Japan as well as sushi and kimono. Ever since the first generation S30 in Japan, sold under the name Fairlady is a simple concept sports car classic front-engined and rear-wheel drive. According to engine capacity, the market gradually came to 240Z 260Z and 280Z . We have today a middle type 260Z , a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.6L . Compared to the previous model also has a more rigid chassis, another dashboard and door panels. They are new and rear lights and front turn signals moved above the bumper. In addition, version 2 + 2 (2 emergency seats), that this version appeared for the first time. Besides the internal configuration differs another shape of the roof and major side windows.

First let ride up to the owner and see how you cope with the car running when it has osaháte. It’s amazing the ease with which the car can threading operation anywhere, where you’re going. Yet even in urban traffic or highway does not suit him. Not that the car had a problem, no. In both locations can move as fast and with similar consumption as modern cars. Unlike them, but the crew Datsun scans each. That car just really attracts the eyes of all the guys and girls in large parts of the area. His real territory but it comes at the precincts. Subordinated hard and fast and zadupnout gas. Once it was written somewhere that Japanese sports cars excel at high speed with what the author called “ostrich kick”. Perhaps nothing captures it better. This hack emerges in the Datsun , but unlike toxicity in Honda CRX , even if this has ZETKA much smarter and more gentlemanly. Of course, as good backwheeler can also “tear off” everything but you are always in control. The car is easy to read and all its manifestations feel right from the steering wheel because of lack of power. But you have the heart to him like Hunt?

I also have the opportunity to see the interior thoroughly. The car has undergone a complete renovation, but it was not disturbing its original appearance. The seats are simply amazing. Until you sit in them, so you will not as great hug and hold your body. But then you realize what is sitting on the Skoda from that time. But if we are fair, lawful to compare the sports car and family sedan from another part of the world. Diamond quilted leather, chromed round heating vents, two door handles (to get them to open and passengers in the rear seats), all acting unusual, yet it fits together wonderfully. All materials in the interior are very pleasant to the touch and perfectly matched. And all indicators are pointing directly to the driver to make it clear who is the Mr. important. The luggage compartment is big enough. Alright you can fit it into two suitcases and go with a girlfriend on the French Riviera, and do so in style. When you replace the batteries hood, you can admire the engine. And even at night, and is fitted on the lamp cord that can be hung on the forward-open hood or her due to long cable stretched across the engine compartment, but also under the car. But really, it makes you more pleasure, this car is every inch the Japanese, so it is also reliable.

It is actually the first car with a classic shape that I drove. A truly begin to understand why the feeling of a long flat bonnet in front of him so intoxicating. I do not know why I had the same feeling in modern Z4 < / a>. But the view from the window bounded by a very thin columns is really different. In the original Zetek nesedáte, moreover, in the western and immediately seated in a wonderful position in the surprisingly comfortable seat. Your legs stretched out straight in front of you with the feeling that they are somewhere near the front wheel, though it is perfectly offset boards, you can absolutely right to hold the steering wheel. I did not go with another driver’s car, without forcing you to enjoy to the fullest management. The view from the car is perfect thanks to thin pillars. The car is not prone to poor driving. On the contrary, his behavior is perfectly legible. All reactions vytušíte car before they come.

Straight six before, but nervousness is rising. This is not insured as GT-R rental, This is an obligation of friendship, that I would not like to come. I consider it necessary to try running dry pedals and shift lanes that are short and completely accurate. But then it’s time to end the excuses and start off on the blade. And then? Then I’m in heaven and I hear the angelic hymn. Or at least just as beautifully worded motor OHC my ears. Motor directly hungry for speed and gives honest mechanical sound. It would almost be up on the hood should be such that the label engine room that is always at the elevator. To the sound I fell in love. Moreover, it is refreshed, instead of the carburetor can be found under the hood of this two period, but precisely tuned dual carburetors tags Weber . Feeling fear disappears almost immediately. Not that I was irresponsible, but this car is perfectly designed for the driver. While up there I understood what the phrase means. Yet in every car I had a moment to get used to anything. Not so in ZETKA . All controls and pedals are where it is waiting for all the controls reacted as waiting. Actually, I have a problem to remember which way I went, and how long it lasted. Why I felt that I drive wheel with his own hands and that my spine is bolted directly to the chassis.

Of course, that the car has a few wrinkles. KVALT must be included with vigor and brake better conserve. Although the front disc, rear drum but there are classic. Interesting, and for the first Zetka is typical of the summer when driving with open windows can also be part of the exhaust gases of getting back into the car. So what, it’s Holt vrtošivej little old man, but it is more vital than the vast majority of ready-made production of young and restless fashion SUV . Although it was not my first experience with youngtimers, it was definitely the strongest experience. If you have an eye on this one ZETKA at home, do not hesitate, definitely worth it. Hurry vybrakujte your bank account, buy one and enjoy the smell of burning gasoline while you can. How the hell can that in 1975 drove out of the gates automaker car that runs great and looks great, but today you have a great car like long look?

Finally, the owners ask a few questions:

Why did you choose exactly this car, it was your long-term dream, or a decision point?

I chose it mainly because of its very large acquaintance … I think that a lot of people in my life heard of Datsun … Even his appearance is unique in Bohemia, probably because it is in the country only a few such specimens.

How difficult was it to get this car?

Very hard not. Who seeks finds, on the Internet u Zetek total choice.

How to live with the car in normal operation? And you have it for pleasure or for daily use?

In normal operation, the car certainly does not lag is sufficiently brisk and you can go with him even over 200 km / h .

What was the most interesting experience with your car?

The feeling when I left the service after fine-tuning a carburetor and I realized that I was going suddenly in a completely “different” car.

Are you planning to do some adjustments or repairs?

The car works perfectly, so just go and enjoy.

What is your biggest motoring dream?

Getting a supercar from the 70s-80s period. The one with the horse on a yellow background.

We hope you like the new section and that you look forward to the other parts.

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