Review: Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 4×4 DSG – Out of the City

Surely you all remember blue concept compact SUV Skoda Yeti , which saw the light of day at the International Motor Show in Geneva. At that time, he wrote in 2005 and the Czech meadows and groves caused huge upheaval . Besides Felicia, Fabia had suddenly discover the vehicle at the time for the Czech manufacturer, an entirely new category, which finally appeared as the third millennium, which should elevate image tags in even higher realms.

In May 2009 began to arrive from the factory belt in Kvasiny first production pieces and we could admire the Yeti again. This time, that in no way did not specify the concept into production and was able to push through even such a fad, like front circular headlights . Now, after more than four years in the service came modernization appearance and we are in our today’s test we look at whether it is worth waiting for a completely new car with a facelift or reach for the stocks in the warehouses of dealers who today Yeti offer at discounted prices .


Pacing 4223 mm long vehicle with alloy wheels of 17 inches and a dark blue paintwork, and I can not help thinking that even after more than four years in production Yeti looks increasingly to the world . Front partiím undoubtedly dominates massive chrome grille with vertical ribbing and round headlamps with daytime running lights and fog lights. This element must value mainly because the modernized variant of it has will be deprived . Round headlights may be functionally useless, but still gave the car personal expression , which is nowadays somewhat unified design already disappearing.

Side parts with low lines of the side windows are clean like blank paper page and everything is consummated vertical tailgate . The impression of a proper SUV, then highlight the massive roof rails and distinctive bumpers. Just missing a reserve placed on the boot lid. If I criticize something? Then, only huge knockout rounds for . From the producer you will not find any wheel size, hence the tire profile that would adequately fill this gap.

The interior and the interior

Freely move through the large front door to the interior, where we pamper almost ergonomically worked perfectly dashboard in the lead with a four-blade obšitým leather multifunction steering wheel that fits in the hand as well as the gear selector. Right before our eyes, we have a pair of large tubes with a speedometer and tachometer, among which are traditionally sandwiched Maxi Dot . The icing on the cake is the Columbus navigation system with the touch screen. Graphics still has nothing to be ashamed of, as well as maps. Personally, however, I would like to see the Faster response of the entire system and a few centimeters above based display. This complaint hears automaker for years, but still not learned .

Skoda Yeti is conceptually based on the second generation of the Octavia and the interior is really know. The front seats can comfortably accommodate people even stronger growth, the headroom they have so truly blessed. In addition, due to increased high sitting position and the windscreen of the car is very good view in all directions and definitely help a good estimate of the external dimensions of the car. However, should anyone in this aspect a little trouble, there is always a helping hand as parking sensors .

Generous interior space and can be found in the second row of seats. It is fully variable, which can, for example, middle seat removed completely and the remaining pair moved 80 mm towards the center. Offer interior space is then in this case is truly unbeatable. What is not entirely ideal, the volume of the luggage compartment, which offers basic configuration slightly below average 416 l . After folding chairs volume increases 1580 l . Complete removal of the volume, then adding another 190 l.


The drive we tested variants cared four-cylinder diesel common rail system with a displacement of 2.0 liters disposing of 103 kW at 4200 rpm and 320 Nm of torque, which is available from 1,750 rpm per minute. The transmission of these forces to all four wheels with the old six-speed dual-clutch gearbox DSG in conjunction with inter-connector fourth-generation Haldex . It distributes the drive force variably to both axles and also prevents forces in the shafts when cornering. In addition, the clutch does not expect connectivity rear wheels until slippage, so the activity more often than you might think. It’s not a negative characteristic. On the contrary, because it means you can start on any surface without the intervention of the anti-skid system.

So many theories as to this practice? It faithfully reproduces the paper value, it is clear that the engine is the best feeling in the band of two thousand revolutions, which offer solid dynamics . Yet since you can not wait any miracles. When this fact resign, reward you Yeti really good consumption. When stokilometrovou speed drive unit rotates about 1,900 revolutions per minute. Current consumption in this case is about 4.6 liters per hundred kilometers. Acceleration of 30 km / h, then an increase in consumption of 2.5 liters. During our test using the roads of all classes of consumption in combined mode ranged about six liters for every 100 kilometers . We can say that the Yeti does not disappoint you in any significant respect.


Ambitious Yeti will not disappoint even after the driveability. Combination alloy wheels of 17 inches and a relatively rigid chassis may well mean that sometimes you feel a transverse unevenness more than you would expect, but for us the car’s behavior with short overhangs and wheelbase of 2578 mm seemed mature impression. A vehicle with a slightly detached but pleasantly stiff and precise control on the road works great and Cornering tilts as a standard hatchback lower middle class. You will not even bother noise at higher speeds .

SUV, as such, should have a decent ride and ability to overcome moderate terrain traps. The Yeti manages surprising number . The limiting factor in this case is only headroom 180 mm . Haldex system, however, works to one vehicle and not thrown or wet meadow or muddy road. A pleasant addition to the Assist Descent .


You ask if you would like Yeti recommended? With a clear conscience I can say yes. Currently, in addition to the diesel variant of powertrain and all-wheel drive sold at a price of 399,000 crowns, which is an offer that only very hard to find competition .

The basic price of the car: 399 900, – CZK

Base price of the test car: 729 900, – CZK


– inner space

– look

– quality interior

– wheel drive

– saving drive unit


– smaller volume of the luggage compartment

– stiffer chassis

– low-pitched screen navigation

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