Review: Škoda Octavia L & K – Octavia summit

This time we test Octavia Combi variant straight Laurin & Klement as the most luxurious version.


The most significant change in the new facelifted Octavia thus are definitely divided headlamps. Judge for yourself whether you like the change or not. Model L & K stands out among other cars chrome frame mask and the trim around the windows. White Moon white color car very nice.

The interior

The interior in brown looks good. Moreover, thanks to the panoramic roof is pretty bright. The seats are made of leather and Alcantara seats are heated, and the front and electrically adjustable. The steering wheel is adjustable for height and reach and there is no problem to find a suitable position behind the wheel. Ambient lighting familiar from larger models and Kodiaq Superb, Octavia and received. The only difference is that unlike larger siblings have lights on the dashboard. Lighting is, of course, be switched off and a choice of 10 colors. A nice feature are bars on the door with the emblem of L & K, which is also the threshold bars.
New Infotainment Columbus arrived and the last classic buttons and knobs. Now it is a continuous glass surface, the left side of the touch buttons and occupy large 9.2 “screen is offset to the right. Personally, I would at least like to see the volume knob, squared side driver still has the option to control the volume on the steering wheel and the passenger can touchscreen spend at will. The clarity of the system as well as the agility I have no objections. A sound reproduction takes ten Canton loaded loudspeakers with a total output of 570 W, the quality and volume can not evaluate other than excellent.
The back is enough space to insert the foot goes under the front seats and for the knees is also enough space. For rear passengers is available pair of USB ports and socket 230. The boot has a volume of 610 l after folding seats (60/40 split) can be expanded up to 1740 l . In the luggage compartment is a storage space under the floor into which fits the blind. Even under it, spare wheel and space for mandatory equipment.

Engine and driving:

Tested Octavia is powered by a supreme 2.0 TDI with 135kW, powerful unit is available now only in versions RS. The engine has a maximum power of 184 bhp at 4000 rpm . Torque to 380 Nm features from 1750-3250 RPM . Thus powerful engine provides a nice dynamic and fully laden car. Consumption in pursuit of efficient driving moved approximately half a liter over the reported value, but more often fluctuated around 6.5 l was addictive sometimes use fast acceleration. The power transmission takes six-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, which has a working modes Eco, Normal and Sport. In ECO mode transmission when throttling disables and enables “glide” as if it were a freewheel. Compared to a conventional engine braking is needed to predict and estimate more inertia. When a gentle slowing down to reoccur and can brdit engine. Pity that unlike manual included neutral does not show fuel consumption, but only displays “Idle”. Normal and Sport modes differ in preferred engine speed, it usually is the one gear. Additionally, you can also select a manual shift paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever. Motor 6 gear at 130 kilometers per spinning 2400 rpm.
Permanently driven front axle, via inter-generation Haldex clutch V., and connects to the rear axle. Haldex reaction time is short, it does not happen that there would be significant slippage of the front wheels and annoying twitch of the rear axle.
DCC adaptive dampers also have three modes: Comfort, Normal and Sport. Most often I went with the first mentioned, which is a longer route along highways comfortable. When driving 50 km / h on the cobblestones noise inside the car remained at the level of 57 db.
This specification can extend braked trailer weighing 730 kg, braking 1,8 or 2 t, or 8 to 12% gradient. To facilitate reversing the truck is equipped asist Trailer – control mirrors determine the direction in which you want to back up.


The Octavia offers a great combination of comfort and practicality, as traditionally offers plenty of storage space and a lot of space in the boot. Thanks to the two-liter diesel offers a nice momentum with very good fuel consumption. If you need a practical car, but you want to differentiate Octavia 3rd generation equipment with Laurin & Klement may be just right for you.
Price: 870 600 CZK (combi, L & K 2.0 TDI 135kW AT 4×4, without optional equipment)

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