Review: Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI CR Ambition – Czech Dream

The editors of our magazine again had a unique opportunity to test is the third generation of the historically most successful model of Mladá Boleslav Škoda – Octavia liftback . After the first driving impressions in sunny Portugal, where a colleague tried to peak as a variant of the 1.8 TSI 132 kW and the basic version of the 1.2 TSI 77 kW, he got into the hands of four-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 1.6 l. The test car with výbavovým degree Ambition will most likely be the most attractive option for private and corporate customers who require high reliability, solid dynamics and conservative look. Can new Octavia fulfill all these assumptions and become again a best seller?


From the exterior design of the car is practically nothing to criticize. Graceful shapes, curves and elegant yet dynamic look a whole goes right hand taste of how sales representatives and people from the ranks of managers. Next Conservative whole appreciate the distinctive grille, sharply cut headlights and massive embossed on the front hood. Side sections 4.66 meter long vehicle is purely circumstantial and bring out the line stretching from the front fender to end flashlights. They are in shape resemble a smaller rear lamps Rapid < / strong> , yet this car Octavia certainly mistaken.

The interior

Spaciousness, airiness, perfect workmanship and ergonomics at a very high level. These are the basic features of the interior, which was designed really head. Location is directly behind the steering wheel and sample please also comfortable seats that make you feel tired even after a long drive. A colleague compared the travel comfort with equipment nabušenými Octavia, had, together with other Czech journalists available in Portugal. Although a test Octavia only fabric design and practical base shape seats , even on long trips feel a reduced comfort. I find very attractive new silver decor dashboard and doors. Interesting texture is covered with transparent varnish, and therefore will not suffer so much as scratches on the previous generation.

Besides the tasteful four-arm steering pleased me perfectly processed dashboard with integrated MaxiDot and uncluttered center console. This is solved really elegantly, yet I can not shake the feeling that most of the equipment used should be located a little higher. In the case of radio Swing nothing can argue navigation display embedded in a higher specification is unfortunately located too out of sight of the driver.

Space and comfort

Comfort and practicality creates a number of really smart solution that I could make traveling more pleasant. For example, please hinged compartment on the driver’s left knee, bulky armrest and cupholders right next to the gear lever. However crucible shifting quite interferes, so the hole will be used to delay the smaller things. For documents ready lockable compartment located under the entrances AUX and USB . Its only drawback is the small entrance hole, what makes you mobile phone to catch quite a long time. What does not long hunt, the PET bottles 1.5-liter that fit into the front door panels. Rear then offer space for about one-third the volume of the bottle.

Intergenerational increase in wheelbase by 108 mm is really familiar with and will please the passengers sitting in the second row of seats. They do not suffer from a lack of space for the knees or above the head. Two adult passengers in the rear seats sit comfortably middle passenger, but it will be worse. Even so, there is a strong smelling 45-millimeter increase in width in favor of the new Octavia.

Separate chapter trunk , which offers direct royal volume 590 liters. By tilting the plane of seats can be increased to a total volume of 1530 l ! The safe storage of luggage with extra care will be extensive network program or bag hooks. Can not miss the double-sided carpet or plastic fixation elements that lead Velcro to ensure even larger boxes.


As I mentioned in the introduction, the drive of our companions took care four-cylinder TDI on 1.6-liter injection common-rail . Turbocharger with variable turbine geometry turbo unit is tuned to a maximum power of 77 kW at 4000 rpm and torque of 250 Nm, which is available in the range of 1500 to 2750 rpm. The spectrum of revolutions is thus relatively wide. However, excess of power in this case is certainly do not wait. The dynamics of the speed to 150 km / h exemplary, but later the vehicle accelerates considerably less enthusiastically. But also it achieves a maximum speed of 194 km / h.

When selecting a manual transmission you have to put up with only five gears. The highway would be thrown sixth gear motor, on the other hand, rotates at a speed of 100 km / h approximately 1,750 rpm and a tank sips of about 4 liters / 100 km. Acceleration to 130 km / h will increase fuel consumption by about two liters and the engine speed at that moment lying around somewhere about 2400 / min. Quiet ride when the average fuel consumption can without too much trouble to keep it under 5 liters and we have to mention that during our tests the temperature dropped below freezing. The classic spring conditions therefore can manufacturer a reported fuel consumption of 3.8 l / 100 km considered achievable.

The drive unit is in this case connected to the wheels of the front axle through a five-speed manual gearbox. Gearshift lever with the palm up nicely fitting head has a backdrop of a very precise operation, with a colleague, we praised minimum spacing between the odd gears. In conjunction with pleasantly stiff clutch, steering precision and perfectly tuned chassis that does not mean anything other than a very pleasant and enjoyable travel. The limiting factor is not so much simpler to manufacture washing axle formed by conventional axle with torsion beam (this solution is compared to the multi-link axle is a very respectable 16 kg lighter). On the dice or broken pavement, although occasionally the rear wheels hear a slight noise, a typical Czech customer Skoda but outside it does not encounter any difference to more expensive Multilink.

Octavia cornering is neutral and does not have a higher body roll. On the lion’s share tuning itself to the chassis and lower center of gravity and above the curb weight 1305 kg. This is a time of ever larger and larger cars thing really unprecedented. Compared to the Korean competitors will delight tougher for the electronic power steering feedback from the front wheels but do not expect much. The crossings cross the inequalities and cheaper rear suspension order without any problems, shock penetrating into the interior are really minimal. Even riding the cobblestones of you therefore nevyklepe soul.

The second view – Jan Mička

Skoda Octavia third generation, I did not go this year for the first time. Ideal conditions for the Portuguese coastal region headed perfect surface local roads, however, are nothing compared to what most of the cars on our experiences tankodrome. With a clear conscience I can say, however, that neither operation in the Czech Republic Octavia nose out rate. Even on poor surface car retains the excellent traveling comfort and does not hang out on corners. The difference between a trailing multi-link rear axle know most typical customer by higher noise from the rear of the car, driving expression of both solutions are perfectly balanced.

TDI engine with an output of 77 kW in the future become a forced choice of those who prefer diesel and can not afford expensive-liter (surcharge CZK 60,900). The unit has a light Octavia busy and nezapotí even in náhlejších climb. I must emphasize the great stack view a manual five-speed gearbox, in which the backdrop is unlike Korean competitors over time lost. Neither winter conditions do not hinder achieving low fuel consumption. Normally I rode for Octavia 5 liters of diesel I have tried and highway. Here consumption while maintaining maximum speed limit slightly exceeded the six-liter limit.


Mlada Boleslav automaker Skoda could create another quality product, which in principle is nothing to criticize. Our test piece included 453 900, – CZK We are able to offer a balanced mix of attractive body, comfortable ride, decent dynamics, low power, and especially the rich equipment that meets a wide spectrum of our population. When I think of the shortcomings, I can think only missing light cosmetic mirrors and a powerful rolling noise of winter tires. Does it make sense for a new generation Octavia’s more to consider? Definitely yes!

To rent a car demonstration thank branded showroom Skoda AUTOKLEVER in Novy Jicin !

The basic price of the car: 334 900, – CZK

The price of a particular car: 453 900 – CZK (Special price for AUTOKLEVER )


– conservative design

– cockpit

– trunk

– processing

– Rich equipment

– fuel consumption


– higher rolling noise of the wheels

– Lighting cosmetic mirror

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