Review: Skoda Kodiaq

To test we got Kodiaq, specifically seven seat version with petrol 04/01, manual transmission and all-wheel drive.


Kodiaq white color I like for the big 18-inch wheels that definitely suits him. Clever detail thresholds are covered door when disembarking of them get dirty. Further Simply Clever solution is to protect the edges of the door.

The interior

Once behind the wheel Kodiaqa into electrically adjustable seats a person to quickly find a comfortable position behind the wheel. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable over a wide range, plus plenty of space everywhere. Leather seats are for the greater comfort of the passengers and the front heated and ventilated. In addition, according to the Auto Key remembers the position of the seat and infotainment settings to the last settings used with this key. The test car is equipped with the highest Infotainment system Columbus with 9.2 “screen and sound system Canton. The interior is to know the quality of materials and workmanship. An interesting detail is the interior ambient LED lighting, in which you can adjust the color and intensity. I must compliment traditionally designed control (three-zone) air conditioning, which is easy to use.

The rear seats are split 60:40, they are movable and have an adjustable inclination. There blinds shading the windows, on the center console next to the control air conditioners are also socket and USB, 12V and 230V. For parents, it is useful electronic child lock, which allows the driver to use the buttons to lock the rear doors and windows. This equipment is also the third row seats, the boarding is possible by tilting and displacement of the second row seats forward. Seats are more for occasional use, although you can increase the legroom, still sits pretty low, so do not expect complete comfort.

Contactless opening of the tailgate. When transporting more people and large cargo space to fit the blind in the trunk. Below the last row of seats is still coasting reserve and a subwoofer.

Instead it was found for simply clever solutions such as umbrellas hidden door or removable lamp in the boot.

Engine and driving

The test car has the smallest of the available engines, i.e. petrol 1.4 with 110 kW. The turbo supercharged aggregate serves a maximum torque of 250 Nm from about 1500 3000 rpm. Maximum power of 150 horsepower reaches between 5 and 6 thousand revolutions. Manual-speed transmission path has accurate gear lever 6 gear basal rate at 130 kilometers per hour the motor rotates 3000 revolutions. Kodiaq with a 1.4 TSI engine is the recovery of braking energy via the alternator on and off 2 cylinders. Thanks to these systems with the car at a slight leg could go out of town for six liters, it is a 7 seater 4×4 car very good value.

Optional extras is Driving mode select and adaptive chassis (DCC), change the mode to change damper settings and throttle response. Driving a car is pleasant, especially in Comfort mode well dampen noise and inequality. When driving 50 km / h on the cobblestones noise from the wheels moving at a very good level of 55 db. After switching to the sports mode, damper characteristics change as well as the engine responds to throttle vividly. Also interesting is the possibility of individual settings when you set the characteristics of the car according to their requirements. The car is equipped with all possible assistance systems Lane Assist Blind Spot Detect, adaptive cruise control, Emergency Assist Assist Traffic Jam (automatic only). A very nice feature is the gear 360 Parking Assist Area view, can view the area around the car, not only from the top but also from virtually any angle.

The terrain is Kodiaq for his size very capable, thanks to the 188 mm ground clearance, drive-angles of 22 ° front, rear 23.1 ° and 19.7 ° transition. Special equipment is also off-road mode, hiding underneath several important helpers for off-road driving. At first glance, the most striking change is gentler response to the accelerator pedal, while also regulating the ABS function. Furthermore, under Off-road button hidden start assist and hill descent, the most important thing for off-road driving, however, is EDS – Electronic Differential Lock, whose effectiveness in off-road mode will increase.


It is an interesting combination of a large and spacious family car is able to drive both on the road and in the field. Of course there is great ergonomics as is customary for damage. The disadvantage is more complex pricing, squared hand, you can equip the car according to your requirements.


+ Enough space

+ Terrain availability

+ High gear

Ergonomics +


– A small basic equipment

– higher price premiums

 Source article: TEST Škoda Kodiaq