Review: Skoda Fabia Combi

Chalupářskému estate I avoided as much as possible. After all, I’ve got first driving impressions and why even bother testing. But it would not be the right approach, you need to sit in the new Fabia Combi , try out with us so popular diesel engine and test whether it works not only on the French Riviera, but also in Czech roads.


I do not know, according to Piech , exšéfa concern in terms of best auto of all its brands. The fact could be a great result, although disputes, but the fact is that the design is new Fabia really well done . A station wagon I definitely like it a lot more than the short version. And we in the comparative test Fabia had in a really lovely two-color version. All the edges and the combination of bright pastel colors with many black accessories make it a rather nice looking companion.

The interior

As for Skoda tradition, there are quality and well matched components and everything is very well ergonomically distributed. Describe to you several times the same shape and the driver is a waste of your time, let us therefore focus on the differences between the traditional hatchback and station wagon, which we have repeatedly tested. This is obviously the most about 200 liters more trunk (total of 530 liters in the basic configuration). If you fold the rear seatback, you get up to 1395 liters. Additionally, tilting is cushion and not just seat back, as in the short version. Even in that case, however, will not get a flat loading area, there will arrange a double floor for an additional charge 3,400 crowns. Cost edge is about 49 mm below the výčce 611 mm above the ground. Another difference then you will find the rear seats, where passengers get to the good centimeter for your head. Overall, however, the interior can not complain much, especially ergonomically again at a great level and seating position behind the wheel is very friendly.


Driving a Fabia Combi is as nice , like its sister short. The dynamics could withstand i sportier shock absorber tuning with fewer side tilts. Shock absorbers are now very comfortable and provide the driver with extremely quality driving experience . Understeer is suppressed and the maximum rear overhang rather helps a good ride. The good handling contributes electronic front differential XDS + sensitive interventions in the braking of the front wheels. Practically his actions even have a chance to notice. However, setting the chassis would certainly allow to use more powerful engine.

The main one, of course, what would we in this test should be interested, the 1.4 TDI diesel engine . He has beautifully linear sweep , although more burdens náparavu front, with excellent debugging chassis that is not practicable to know. Voice However Fabia far less pleasant than its petrol sisters. Especially when cold start You’ll have to listen and typical diesel clatter . Oáčky usable range from 1500 to 4000, making it so you do not often sort, which is due to precise orbits bit of a shame. Perhaps only in’ll notice that when you are exactly accurate fifty between three and four. Either you shoot a little too much, or too little. When however it is within an optimum range, and the motor efficient.


Skoda Fabia Combi is very good small car and your surcharge fifteen thousand compared to the hatchback is well defended. The diesel engine is powerful enough and economical, suited him greater refinement. But if the diesel engine is not required, select rather ignition unit . The sound is more pleasant and not too high consumption.

Base price (1.0 MPI Active) 262 900 CZK

Base price (77 kW 1.4 TDI Ambition) 366 900 CZK

Price CZK tested the model


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