Review: Skoda Fabia Combi

For the third time we try Škoda Fabia Combi , this time with the most powerful engine TSI . What are the differences that nejnadupanější version?


The appearance of the Fabia we talked many times, so this time I’ll really only briefly. Metallic gray showcases overall proportions, but hides most ostřejčích edges. And do not pay extra cuts and a diode daytime running lights, Fabia with it definitely looks better.

The interior

Interior We no different from the previous test pieces everywhere exemplary clarity and ergonomics, quality materials and good workmanship. Again, I sat down in stjném week and repeatedly in previous generations and still do not understand why it was not then and now so why previous Fabia offers so miserable travel experience in its interior, which totally degrade any ride quality. It is therefore good that the new generation of these maladies removed.


After relentless and indomitable Fabia Combi TDI this time we have the strongest TSI petrol model. In each test the Fabia povzdychám that the vehicle could have more power because it excellently tuned pdvozek could do it. And even the most powerful version is no exception, because even 81 kW neokáže muffler caught on the hop. Good driving characteristics and a certain track, you neznejistí even greater tilts, it remains among the most powerful version. That does not mean that the car was a boneshaker, most easily overcome inequality. And he can also have fun behind the wheel, because the steering is surprisingly sensitive segment. The unit is much quieter than diesel jednostki. While it is typical for them clattering, modern TSI is very quiet and does not disturb the crew during the journey. And the throttle response is quicker, allowing the car has a much stronger impression. I was not afraid to say that within a small segment of the station wagon turbo gasoline Fabia Combi even funny. Definitely operates more playful than traditional hatchback.


He definitely enjoyed the glow dvanáctistovka more than its diesel sister. Perhaps because of the sophistication and its operation. If you do not need downright diesel, gasoline engine certainly after Sahni, ideally being in the strongest version. Now with him the best use of the potential of well-tuned chassis.

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