Review: Seat Leon Cupra ST

Spanish car Seat , the proud slogan Auto emoción . So let’s see if this is not just a gimmick. And to give the brand a good position to defend its claim as the board’s attorney sharp wagon < strong> Leon Cupra ST .


Seat Leon looks in its latest generation really good and it’s nice to get rid of the body resembling MPV. Cupra version then adds a graceful curves nice round and more aggressive bumpers as the sporty version of the suit. I also like to see the roof rails , without which perhaps no estate does not look completely. Total is well done shape mirrors , even if I find a bit small. Well, not the width, height only. But I like the anchor of the door and not from the A-pillar, a very improves the view and reduces blind spots .

The interior

Missing even here today a modern and hated me underneath flattened wheel . But by this sporty models simply give everyone today, so neither Seat left except for him and we will not blame any more than the others. At least at the wheel praise form its center, because it is square and really gave him a nice watch. Otherwise, the wreath course leather and Total fat , the skin is partially perforated and there’s no obligatory biceps . Also worthy of praise contoured seats with integrated but rather short headrest. On long trips I would not really believe that it can do to please your hindquarters, but cornering is side management Seat amazing. But I appreciate the ubiquitous black that makes the interior looks very homely . This is supported by a total of nice shape of the dashboard with the motive of many triangles, which is reflected on výdechách heating. These bounded even quite small display board infotainment located in the peripheral field of vision. Very well done Graphics are also beautifully clear and readable dials with numbers zero placed at the bottom for six hours. Where the ends of the speeds begins seacoast field indicating the status of the gasoline in the tank. The more LEDs are lit, burn more gallons remains.

Just do not expect a few things a bit in the equipment . After all, this is Cupra , a showcase for automakers, so I counted the full fire, but for some reason the lack of necessary height adjustment of front seat belts or navigation. Conversely, however, something I dwell, like panoramic sunroof unnecessarily shrinking rigidity kastle, which is aimed at sportovnně models rather hurt. I’m a little bothered shaped handle that is angled grip at the place and uncomfortable with her fingers takes. The upper part of the dashboard is softened everywhere else you can find hard, but well-matched plastic parts. However, plastic is hard loketka on the door panels, but this is not a car, where you lean elbow and, if so, going just wrong. Very nice grip on the hand brake lever, just too much, I can not watch manžentu. A door pockets, they find enough small , a space for PET bottle will look in vain. However, keep in mind that all of these are trivia to stop addressed as soon as you pull away. A fine is that SEAT’s Total enough space for passengers on the rear bench shaped . The boot has a shallow bottom and a lack of electrical door closing. But I do not mind it, because such a motor weighs enough. At least underfloor A full reserve .


When you start, not only rafičky flips the entire field of alarm, but also engine is a little protúruje. I do not know, maybe somewhere in my subconscious for another five years, but really I like it. And there is common key , which normally rotates to boost the No start button . Sound emanating from the exhausts is very nice and it indicates that you honor with something better, not only with some tuctovým estate. Setting carefully controls and suspending over shift lever . It is indeed a beautiful Short , which is fine, but it is because quite far from the steering wheel. The head is rounded , which is a really good shape, it is then Cupra logo at which surprises me how little I know him. While winning clamshell or Wolfsburg eRko I have etched in the memory, here I’m not sure whether it lately Seat unchanged. But quickly banish these thoughts, as if all depended log.

From the first moment you like the sound of the engine clearly indicates your potential . And that turns out to have when you first started, when the speedometer needle pretty quickly moves toward three-digit values ​​. On the sporty wagon is really good , but given the slogan Auto emoción I expected a little more Explosion in the character. Cupra is a much civilized as other Volkswagen Group cars and I’m not sure that in her case it is not a shame. At full deployment begins a little resist , denies you a piece of information from the solid management , tugging at the wheel. Easily her but forgive because of how much work suddenly have a rubber sustaining clean traces , you’ll know how much Cupra tries of himself wring most you behind the wheel faces. And that’s okay. If you are interested in consumption really sharp when driving, so that it moves at about 14 liters acceptable. If you want to slow down a bit, you can count on a good brakes . Just on the middle pedal gently, the onset of the brakes is enough toxic and want to pedal to work very sensitively. During quieter ride was the diameter of 8 liters, of which the city of 9.2 and 6.4 out of him.


Cupra is definitely a good choice for enthusiastic drivers. Sure, maybe you might think that I was a little Critical , but remember that we got to test specimen with decent portions mileage on the odometer. And since most of my colleagues are trying to squeeze out of the car continually most , it seems to me that those mistakes just seem to notch test huntování. If there each week nestřídali different drivers with different styles of riding, it would have passed with flying colors very well.

Basic price (1.2 TSI Active) 307 900 CZK

Basic price (Cupra) 682 900 CZK

The price of the tested model 991 000 CZK

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