Review: Rapid Skoda 1.6 TDI – swiftly šetřílek

When we are in the autumn of last year brought first test when the all-new Skoda Rapid small petrol TSI turbocharged engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters, we agreed on in the newsroom that it is the great car at an affordable price , who soon will reign Czech roads along with his more sister Octavia . Now, after more than half a year can completely new Rapida in a similar configuration to buy from the stores of your chosen retailer for a price lower than 275,000, making it absolutely unbeatable offer. But let’s look at it as a representative of a vehicle, fully equipped, on large wheels and especially diesel. It is significant price increase is still acceptable or best offer Ambition 1.2 TSI engine with?


Simple lines, sharp edges and generally conservative design – these are the three main distinguishing features of the new Rapid. On the other hand, within the portfolio of brand Rapid looks increasingly independent and can not take place even more confusion with Octavia. Overall Rapid acting at first glance much more valuable appearance than its biggest competitors, for example, Peugeot 301 Citroen C-Elysee . Their tests we will bring this year.

Let’s analyze this a little more closely. Front partiím undoubtedly dominated by dimensional chrome grille with vertically arranged ribs and sharply cut headlights. An essential part of the equipment are front fog lamps , without which Rapid hardly conceals its origin and destination. Side shapes clearly indicate that the vehicle has been developed from the beginning as a liftback. No unacceptable overhangs, artificially grafted sheets or sheer disproportion. Rapid’s profile just right and the lion’s share of it has long wheelbase of 2620 mm , alloy wheels of 16 inches and a distinctive side cutouts extending from the headlamps to the tail partiím.

The interior

Rapid will collect points for the interior? Yes and no. The main advantage is plenty of room in all directions , disadvantages, then the elements on which at first glance and preserves the image unnecessarily pull the car down. But again nicely in order.

Immediately after sitting down for a comfortable steering wheel will be surprised how relatively low in the car sit, Alei fact that we get (to the class) within the royal chamber. The front seats are amply dimensioned both in the longitudinal and transverse direction headroom remains still at a high enough driver. Ode to Space takes place even in the second row, where there is enough space for the legs and head. If anything Skoda really knows, it really is a fabulous offer interior space.

But let’s return back to the driving position, where we have the best view of the whole dashboard. That in our case dominated Touch screen multimedia system Amundsen + , under which there is automatic climate control. It makes no sense to talk about the fact that the display could have been about 15 numbers above. This malady is simply automaker wants to get rid of. My honor so Amundsen + must get back very pleasant agility of the entire system and intuitive controls.

The biggest pains otherwise povedeného interior materials used are . Although no one in this class expects a leather-wrapped dashboard or alcantara upholstery. Yet I can not help thinking that it is the vehicle used more particularly cheap and hard plastics than is healthy. In addition, those wearing only too happy to leave the familiar signs of wear. The new car simply would not suffer so much irreparable consequences for normal use, and certainly if the price tag of 450,000 crowns. This impression unfortunately unable to correct or otherwise very elegant chrome accessories.


Luggage compartment makes royal 550 l . After folding seat then rises to 1490 liters. Cheers well accessible opening to the loading edge of above 700 mm. I have a complaint, however, match the seats that folded down creates a rather significant step. On the other hand, we have a great range of so-called Simply Clever solutions . Whether a network program, reversible rug scraper or hidden in the cap of the fuel tank.

Powerplant and driveability

As already mentioned in the introduction, she cared for propulsion diesel variants we tested four-cylinder 1.6-liter, 77 kW (105 hp) at 4400 rpm and torque of 250 Nm, which is available from 1,500 rpm. In practice, this means nothing more than a very decent dynamics and low operating costs. Its share it also has five-speed manual transmission . Its backdrop is pleasantly short tracks and the lever moves with perfect accuracy. You have to get used to a little coarser speech engine , which is especially pronounced at low speed. The engine in any case, do not bother, but about him often know little more than was healthy.

A very important aspect for choosing precisely this engine is its consumption. Then we managed to keep throughout the test within reasonable limits. The most common indication displayed on the trip computer display began numeral 4! Yes, you read correctly. The Rapid really without much trouble could ride for 4.5 liters of fuel. Range over 1,000 kilometers on one fill-up and certainly nothing is unimaginable. A great impact on a relatively long transfers, the motor rotates at a speed stokilometrovou less than 1800 rpm. On the other hand, I’m not sure if the feeling of driving “ per 4 liters” is able to compensate for the additional cost sixty thousand test motorization.

How can I evaluate the driving behavior of the car, who was from the first minute presents itself as a prime conservative vehicle, from which really can not be expected exaggerated emotions? Exactly these properties. On the class behavior is above average, directional stability and control sample may surprisingly communicative.

Ills and pitfalls Czech roads new Rapid filter summary. On the biggest inequalities is already apparent after all heavy ancestor combined with easier rear axle. The situation is similar with exaggerated approach speed cornering when the front wheels are busy and too happy to sink into arches.

Anyways Rapid will be the perfect companion for everyday use. On the highway has no problem keeping the speed of around 180 km / h on normal roads you will be amazed friendly engine pulling power from low revs. However, as the Rapid designed as a family car, we could not forget to try the service for classic weekend trip. Four adult passengers with baggage and complete the purchase of huge slupnul Rapid as raspberry and even at full load does not exceed the fuel consumption of 5 l / 100 km. Comparably equipped car with the engine 1.2 TSI (63 kW) claims about 1.5 l / 100 km more.


Skoda Mlada Boleslav managed to create a product which is practically nothing to criticize. The basic version is able to offer all users undemanding important summit represents a test car that does not do shame or next to a larger class of vehicles. In this case, it all could have big wheels and silver paintwork. Then dominated interior leather steering wheel, heated seats and satellite navigation. All this at a price of 450 thousand. However, it is worth considering whether you choose for the money fully equipped, but technically still cheap car or prefer to reach for bigger and Octavia resign as satellite navigation.

The basic price of the car: 269 900, – CZK (Fresh Active)

The basic price of the test car: 448 900, – CZK (Elegance)


– large luggage compartment

– adult riding a speech

– fuel consumption

– the internal space into two rows of seats

– representative appearance


– the materials used in the interior

– worse sophistication powerplant

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