Review: Peugeot RCZ R

Remember novel about white whale ? It was a rare and scathing and ultimately died … RCZ R is just such a rare, probably even you yourself can not recall when you last saw him. It’s a little scathing , to tame the need to have a experience . A die because Peugeot this great model offered the onset of type 308 GTi . It’s a great pity, but it can only talk.


At first glance you would say that it’s actually a 207 CC or some similar ordinary box. But it is really only the first impression , then you will notice low and very wide stance and elegant curved roofs which are also two bulges as the old racing specials. There is also a huge wheels . Bit tacky say? Also, it was at first thought, but the RCZ R has elements of these sports really entitled . A barrel has a real coupe silhouette , and not just a little načančanej hatch, like Mégane RS and Scirocco R . No, this not auto-tuned courtesy of accounting This is the orgasm Constructors from Peugeot transferred to reality . As if he let the automaker construct a toy of their dreams , which today sees. Great are large bulge over the rear wheels, a pity that they have not come into the front, where they saw the driver. RCZ will be important for color selection. Although I’m not a fan of white, are selected pearl in combination with black roof looks really cool. After a week I had to reluctantly admit that the appearance is not much to criticize. It is “just beautiful.”

The interior

When you first sit down to a black cozy interior would have to swear on the steering wheel, it is, again, fashionably flattened . But it is flattened a bit and really makes the perfect low seating position . And if you defend such shenanigans sports RCZ R driving, he has a claim. It is essential that the steering wheel rim with a thin holds great and even gave him good looks, although it is not so much important. The decorative plaque inscription RCZ cheaply causing too much, on the contrary suitably tuned to metal handrails door great shaped gearshift pedals. And there sure Nates their petrolheadské ego, pedals are absolutely gorgeous stacked so you do not make trouble industries heel-toe, revving or the other shenanigans that are so pleased to learn behind the wheels of cars that for it stands. Sure, gas is somewhat drowned, but only a little, it does not matter in the right přešlapávání. Of the controls, then left to mention the handbrake lever, whose shape resembles most of all Tyrannosaurus claw. Very good it is the shape of the seats will not get a foothold in the shoulders, rather as if they were designed in-Class GT , but the sports coupe. Nowadays, though a little lags touch-board infotainment with a lot of buttons, but what you can do is indebted to the time the car . On board is also available analogue clock. That is, they are nice, but why here rather not alarm pressure turbocharger? It should in the sports coupe is definitely greater effect. Otherwise, of course, but within the lots of leather stitched with red thread, as befits a sports coupe.

Although the car has a rear seats , but these are passenger except as a punishment. Are not uncomfortable, but rather Emergency , legroom here exist and the roof just behind the front passenger’s heads steeply sloping downward. Because we are in Bohemia, we are sure to find someone who asks for size trunk . Well, for the nation cottagers I could be good news for the sports coupe’s trunk Total fairly large . But the vast majority of the space the spare wheel . But if you’ll take my chances without him, you’ll take really a lot of things.


The steering wheel was no longer talking, but a lot of it is important that you get through it sea of ​​information from management . So excellent response time just can not see. I’m sure it has something to do with seating position on the magnificent , which additionally serves French gourmets precise shifting with short tracks . Behind the wheel RCZ understand that the automaker produced the same type something like 207 .

A compliment deserves beautiful sound of the engine . Sure, namely the “ Only” blown šestnáctistovka , which is not equal charakternímu six-cylinder, but the French tuner can really won. Perhaps too, if you go on a long trip on the highway, you will not bother. But fans will sound on the highway seem trivial, this is about driving feel , the ferocity and strength, which has RCZ R enough. And do not worry, sharp poisonous brakes can herd under the hood pretty tame. But if Stomp the brakes really hard, it can be a little sports coupe zavlnit . But it is not unpleasant, rather playful . And the engine is immediately responsive to the fun of this car certainly the lion’s share.

Although it goes against me, I should mention also the consumption . Well, let’s go, whether we takvou banality of his neck. Highway went RCZ R 7 liters after in 7.6 liter and 5.8 liter outside. So if you are interested in reasonable detail. What? Would you know how to tell a coupe when aggressive driving? Come on, these experiences do not convert into money. Okay, so you fourteen calculators. But if you really interested in the figure, you are not worthy of this car. The overall diameter including sharp trips is then very tolerable 6.6 liters. Well, I’m asking here as Jyrki bulldozer marťan Paroubek, who of you have?


Peugeot RCZ R can be swept into the face to all the mockers in pub debates until they scoff carmaker with a lion emblem. Is excellent proof that Peugeot can produce really great cars. Just a pity they do not do regularly, but on the other hand, acknowledged it would not target customer group brand? We know that not RCZ died and successor nedočká. Pity wonderful place car in the offer to become the next tombstone sad that people no longer have the taste and appreciate great cars . So do not cry, for it alone can the automakers our modern eating boring hoes. When you happen to produce something great, just do not buy it, shame on you.

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