Review: Peugeot Partner

Peugeot gives Partner for a classic MPV . But this car was originally created as delivery and hide inherited genes is always difficult. It did it for a new partner?


It’s pretty big box . But I mean really quite large that it is actually pickup . While the first models easily fit between personal best, now on ordinary wagons stare enough from upstairs. The krabicoidnost but it does not hurt much, you can carry either people or things.

The interior

Partner you probably love the people who love list. First, you have higher seating position , which together with the overall construction of the car ensures great view to all sides. Maybe too high, it reminds namely chair. And that’s over your head you have additional shelf on your belongings. But I have to praise the management side seats with a pretty cloth on blades, it is in the car with a higher center of gravity at a sharper driving really fits. Then there is but must also double Zpen mirror . One of its parts stare out while you can watch the other children in the rear seats. Elegant look, for example, round air vents or silver plastic decor in the dashboard. The handset is the driver, but very low. I have to bend it. Overall, the interior looks pretty solidly, as a delivery vehicle roots, it is good that more lasting.

Practically oriented people inspires example pleasantly shaped gearshift lever or rough, hard and well matched plastics , which are easy to maintain. However, with the large dimensions can not be a little nezkritizovat space in the second and third row seats . For adults it definitely will not be back on long trips comfortable. At least there’s some million casings for all sorts of things. For example, the virtually bottomless between the seats where once you set a large PET bottle, you’ll never find her. In the middle there are the large pits, which are designed to hold cups. Casing is a two-story, over another huge hole is smaller shelf papers. Another bin is for onboard infotainment, another of the chapel with clear alarms. Incidentally display infotainment is positioned vertically rather, not looking at it best. A little uncomfortable, we also of other levers under the steering wheel, which controls the radio.

Partner attacking the next seven-seater vehicles and compared with conventional MPV would like to fight for price fields with other modified supply. Although the offer as a seven-seat passengers back too legroom (s spot on the head is much better), but the crash is odezete. And you know what is the best ever? Throw away the middle row and let them sit on the third place is then better than the Maybach. Access will be seamless, thanks to sliding doors on both sides. And do not worry that your passengers trench interior, it’s the origin of supply, so everything will be easy to wash. For the same reason, but the rear window only tilting, not downloadable.


Maybe you’ve read this far and it occurred to you that the purchase of such a vehicle, such as a partner, you need more reasons. Well, audio engine that tip the scales certainly will not chrochtavý van diesel to listen as smooth as Frank Sinatra after an asthma attack. But never mind, a storeroom for the crew’s wonderful soundproofed , so the speech agregtu not bother you. It rather you hear wind noise . Almost one would like to say that the chapter on driving, perhaps even can not expect any miracles, but he has a partner a few plus points, which can surprise, such as total track the exact name six-speed gearbox . Thanks to a sufficient number of degrees they are neither too greedy vehicle. And flexible acceleration is good, with a partner will easily overtake. Management, however, insensitive , especially around the center position.

On the trip will be perfect, because they go with a carton of vacation solves many problems. Just select the better road , a wound from the chassis are annoying, although disparities are muted feels great. Visibility of the car, thanks to the high windows and large glazed surface excellent. In addition, the Large mirrors oriented vertically, as the supply belongs to you will give you an accurate idea of ​​how far reaches Partner. And if someone after all reluctant to handle such a large car, and there is parking sensors and reversing camera . So do not worry, in something always prokličkujete.


I almost want to start by cliche ‘to say in conclusion. ” But seriously, Partner is practical, functional car. Although non-emotive, but we have other favorites. As a family car I would have taken perhaps, if I had a lot of sloppy kids, otherwise I chose a rather ordinary station wagon. This is primarily because the time delivery, only instead of cargo space inside the back seat. If you need a car but now it stands in what will be a good choice for you. In short, it’s awfully cool partner, therefore, excuse me, Partner.

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