Review: Peugeot 208 1.2 PureTM

Facelifted Peugeot 208 seeks to establish the glory of cars 205 and 206, managed it?


208 tested at first glance an interesting matte finish. The idea seemed good to me until the moment I was driving down the highway trying to remove the flies on the bumper and hood. After this experience, I would prefer the classic lacquer that is maintenance considerably easier. All new 208 Seacoast have rear lights, daytime LED lights are the lowest in the ACCESS equipment available for CZK 5,000, in other trim levels (Active & ALLURE) is already standard. Chrome mirrors, door handles and moldings give the car more mature look.

The interior

The interior at first glance leather steering wheel, which has, as with other new models Peugeot small diameter. However, the 208 fits and can get used to it, the adjustable height and reach. The seats are comfortable and thanks to the good side management will hold even sharper cornering.
The dashboard has an interesting relief pattern that resembles a cloth. In the upper part is conveniently positioned infotainment display, making it closer to the field of view, and its control is easy and transparent. Located under the Display of air conditioning vents, the controls are a bit non-standard levers, but it is much more convenient than a touchscreen. The space in the rear seats is rather sufficient for two or three children.

Engine and driving

The tested car is powered by 1.2 PureTM – SI turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 110 horsepower. Performance is dostatatek and a car weighing less than 1100 kg can ride at a brisk pace. Reported consumption is even tires with low rolling resistance problem reach – moved about one and a half liters above. The gearbox is a classic slot machine with a hydrodynamic torque converter and six speeds. Lies smoothly and the ride is comfortable with it, taxes for this, however, is somewhat higher consumption. As is the case with cars in this category habit MacPherson front axle and the rear of the trailing arm. The chassis is softer and less inequality dampens well, with larger has a problem and is heard mostly rear axle.
An interesting feature is the next-open parking sensors and cameras as well as a parking assistant that can park itself lengthwise.


This car is its size fits not only into the city, where stand out smoothly shift gearbox, but thanks to the powerful engine is not a problem to enjoy the ride and okreskách or swiftly transported on the highway.
Price: 265,000 CZK (5 dv.)
 Source article: TEST Peugeot 208 1.2 PureTech