Review Opel Diplomat V8

TEST Opel Diplomat V8

You probably won't feel like a mobster in any other car. You're just waiting for the silver DB5 to appear in the rearview mirror and you'll have to chew the cyanide capsule. The funny thing is that the Diplomat never starred in any Bond movies. But he would be perfect for the villain.

A large luxury sedan or coupe , produced by the Karmann body shop, was produced from 1964 to 1977. It replaced the Kapitän type and was then replaced by the Senator model. But the names are problematic, because the names Kapitän and Admiral have always been intended for the most luxurious Rüsselsheim cars since the 1930s. In 1964, these models with the designation A entered the market. In addition, the Diplomat model was added to them, which was the most luxurious of this trio, marked by the abbreviation KAD . The bodies were the same, only there were different engines under the hood and different equipment in the interior. Model A's were produced until 1968. They could be powered by either inline-sixes or small-block V8s from Chevrolet . The base was the smaller 4.6-liter 283 that passed our test. Above it was the top 327 5.4 on offer. In the Diplomat model, however, only the mentioned fork eight-cylinders were available. Of course, before you start cheering on the unit from the sports Corvette , I should add that the car always had a two-speed automatic .

I can totally see how down you look right now. But be aware that this is a five meter, two meter wide limousine . If you were looking forward to an article about sharp acceleration and cornering agility, you will have to wait for one of the next parts. And in a luxury limousine, the two-speed Powerglide is simply the best. During production, in 1967, the Diplomat was also modernized, when, for example, the steering from the ZF company was improved or a heated rear window was installed. During production, a total of 89,277 cars of the KAD model series were produced, of which 9,152 were Diplomats.

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It is not surprising that such a piece brings its owner to his knees. It must be so, because he also had me spellbound during those brief moments. By the way, this particular piece is called Adam , just in case you didn't know. Although I should rather say named, because the car is no longer in the country and who knows what the new owner will call it. Adam was named after the A in the name and also after the founder of the car company. The car had been in Czechoslovakia since 1967, owned by a disabled pensioner who was 27 years old and had a surname still associated with fairground attractions. Other owners gradually repaired the engine or the leather interior, so the car was really in wonderful condition. And the previous owners drove it across half of Europe on a family vacation.

The Diplomat seems somewhat clumsy to drive. It's huge and heavy, it actually feels like a big old leather couch. And it drives around corners just as well. The steering is so symbolic and does not provide 100% feedback. You feel more like steering a steamship than driving a car. The thin rim of the steering wheel , reminiscent of a rudder, also contributes to this. But the rocking ride belongs to the old luxury limousines. No, this is simply not a car for winding Czech roads in southern Bohemia. It's terribly wide , I actually feel like I'm taking up the entire road. And of course I have to meet the harvester. The car probably has some sort of shrink mode, because surprisingly we both fit on the road and pass each other unscathed. The two-stage Powerglide kicks a bit when changing modes or even shifting from one gear to another. Otherwise, the car still drives in second gear and accelerates smoothly. Meanwhile, your speedometer indicator changes from green to orange to red. The low number of stages allows a torque of 427 Nm, thanks to which the engine always engages. And when touring on empty, the whole car can make a real noise . It is started by turning the key and then pressing the button. Vida, this kind of thing is more and more popular nowadays.

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However, the driving comfort is compensated by the rich luxury equipment , for example there are also electrically operated windows . And the seats, you won't find much more comfortable ones in cars. And especially the rear ones will pamper your buttocks incredibly. Maybe thanks to their comfort you don't feel any bumps on the road. However, don't be too lulled by carelessness, so that you don't step on the gas pedal too hard. You won't find a single seat belt in the car, that's what I call punk. Although the word punk doesn't cross my lips twice in a limousine. And what about the huge suitcase , where the corpse of an inconvenient counterintelligence agent is conveniently stored. And when you have the trunk open, you will definitely notice the fuel hose leading to the rear end. The tank neck can be found under the hinged lid under the license plate. At least at the gas station, you don't have to worry about which side you should drive to the stand from.

In the end, I will admit that I don't really like Opel cars. With some exceptions, I never liked them, but after getting to know them better, the Diplomat was definitely on the list of exceptions. And I'm quite sorry that I won't have the opportunity to drive this car again sometime.

We thank the website Veteráni na Truc and the blog Zpáteč for facilitating the test.