Review: Opel Astra Sedan 1.7 CDTI Cosmo – Family racer

If you think about the question, neprémiová automaker that offers a model of lower middle class as a hatchback, coupe, sedan, wagon and finally as hothatch, simple exclusion method of letting go Opel. The fourth generation Astra again betting on attractive, but less popular tříprostorovou body, which has become an eyesore to all Golfům, Leonům and similar to them. Now this body versions have undergone editorial and test it in probably the best version of what you can buy – Diesel 96 kW, maximum, and adaptive equipment Cosmo FlexRide chassis .

Design – Small Insignia

You’d be surprised how many people the new Astra with tříprostorovou body confuses the Opel Insignia. Although cars are divided difference of one class, the Astra Insignia dimensionally closer. Compared to the previous generation had grown to a length of 71 mm is about 64 mm wide and about 42 mm higher.

Astra design goes hand in hand with other models of Opel. From the car reeks unprecedented elegance and sportiness , which is enhanced by 17 “alloy wheels. No heed to the chromium and in test or luxury vehicle components in the form of adaptive headlights and rear lamps with LED strips.

The interior

In a similar vein as the exterior and the interior is designed. Comfortable front seats are sufficiently sized to larger figures and compared with competitors also offer possibility to extend the cushion . Sports three-spoke steering wheel has an ideal diameter and thickness of the rim and a firm grip is not forgotten recess for the thumb. The wide adjustment range of the driver’s seat towards the steering wheel to ensure a relaxing and slightly racing seating position, which is due to adaptive chassis to appreciate twisty okreskách.

Typically, opelácká center console has plenty of buttons. Control is so intuitive that you get used to it and moderately trained dachshund. Everything is arranged and immediately to hand, including climate control and heated front seats, located in the lower half of the center console. As quickly you get used on the instrument panel with four tubes and onboard computer. Depending on the setting of the adaptive chassis FlexRide tubes are either light or red tint, which at night looks impressive.

Highest Cosmo , which will take the car from the 365,900 crowns, which offers really a lot. Astra test n EError cruise control and speed limiter , hill hold control, dual-zone automatic climate control and leather steering wheel.

For Czech customers are not so important hejblátka on the dashboard and door panels, leather upholstery with contrasting stitching. Typical Bohemia wants in his new car load up the whole family and the entire weekend shopping. However, it allows the Astra sedan? Say yes. missing front space in the longitudinal or transverse direction , and the same applies to the rear. It would be there but was surplus to say impossible. The rear seats are anchored because relatively low, forcing more passengers to square your knees. Increase in body height was signed at the space above the passengers’ heads, so you will not suffer even a person with a height of about 180 centimeters.

Important it is also trunk having a volume of 460 l . That’s a value of about 30 liters less than the previous generation, for a common Czech family but enough. In connection with the sedan, however, it is to be expected with less access through the smaller inlet opening and a relatively great length of the loading area, making it difficult unloading of objects grown less persons.

Engine – The right choice

Under the hood, the test was in the Astra four-cylinder diesel CDTI volume of 1.7 liters and a maximum 96 kW . Torque of 300 Nm is available from 2000 to 2500 rpm, which is in the context of competition high. In our case, the engine was coupled with a manual six-speed gearbox, which pleases pleasantly long and precise motion paths in a gate. For now, however, still failed to cure opeláckou hurts as bad synchronization between the first and second gear. Therefore, if the engine when starting to call up the red field, it can happen that the first time not shifted into second gear.

The test engines is the best possible choice in terms of driving dynamics and fuel economy. The Astra unit has no problem at starting, even if the elastic acceleration. Please pleasantly delicate operation and excellent fuel economy. It was at highway transfers was around 5.2 l / 100km out of town was not a problem to reach values ​​below 5 liters of diesel. Even in the extreme case, when you rub engine to its limits, with an average reach of over 7.5 l / 100 km.

Horse – Take FlexRide

Yes, surcharge for adaptive chassis really pays off ! It is part of the Ride, which besides the aforementioned chassis includes adaptive xenon headlamps with automatic high beam, samozatmavovací rear-view mirror and rain sensor. That is all for equal CZK 40 000, which may seem too much.

Personally, I would need oželelel navigation system 20 000 CZK or parking sensors for 16,500 CZK benefit package Ride. Adaptive headlights because they have a great luminosity, for shooting into the corners very quickly get used to and you will never solve the annoying switching between high and low beams. The same applies to driving in the tunnel when the daytime running lights whisked switches to low beam.

Adaptive chassis FlexRide continuously adjusts the stiffness of the shock absorber position between the wheels and the road, . For Astra to happen one of the most comfortable cars in its segment ! The chassis can filter plethora of inequalities and allow transmission of shocks to the body and interior.

All this has by default, which is not the end. There is also a Tour and Sport settings , which adjusts damper on a different note. Pressing Tour will change the character of the chassis to houpavější. But certainly do not expect the situation as < strong> Citroen C5 . Sport mode stiffens the dampers and allow excessive body roll when cornering. Ultimately, this means that the Astra family becomes a racer. Control with electronic power-assisted because with increasing speed hardens and creates a feeling of sportiness. Everything is very well aligned, which applies a stabilizing system that does not excessively early.


Opel Astra sedan is a nice alternative to the established competition, which hardly can the only hatchback or station wagon. Very good money get presentable-looking car a high-quality interior, fuel-saving engine and if you pay more for a package Ride, you will feel like prémiovce. And not only fare! The complaint seeks only to established low back sitting sections, due to which there is not much space in front of the knees of the rear passenger and the gearbox, which is not accustomed to handling sports.

The basic price of the car: 311 900, – CZK (Essentia)

The basic price of the test car: 446 900, – CZK (Cosmo)


– economical and sophisticated engine

– quality and processing of the interior

– handling

– representative design

– attractive base price


– synchronization of the transmission

– less space at the back

Compare the parameters of the Opel Astra competition

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