Review: Nissan Pulsar

The second time we got to test hatchback Nissan Pulsar , but this time with a gasoline engine 1.2 DIG-T .


Due Pulsar I have not had a problem last time, proportionally is quite balanced, has included one odd shape, which are turning some competitors. What pleased me a lot, it’s a beautiful blue . Not only suits very Pulsar, but still optically reduced and especially reduces . It works somehow “přisátější” to the road.

The interior

A description of the interior here, I would have basically just copied. But we try to focus on things that are attacking your senses most. Specifically, the very comfortable seats , which is sitting as comfortably as in a chair in your living room. Fabric seat is incredibly soft and comfortable material and on long trips you love so that you do not want to stand out from the car. Comfortable is probably just lying in bed. Excellent is round wheel optimally thick rim that holds really great. The only thing I nazlobilo is přesednutí the passenger seat. He had sits higher than the driver, so if you change the site frequently, you’ll feel uneasy. Space back to me the second time or continues to surprise, really uvézt here two adults no problem.


Petrol versions me immediately acquired a new positive qualities. Sure, there are all those virtues that we know already from the diesel version – Precision name communication management and nicely set up gear . The car behaves legible and predictably and willingly hold the selected track. This time, however, we have to petrol engine , which is very silent and not transferred to the interior no vibration . A pleasantly tolerated Pulsar i irregularities , therefore, certainly if you are traveling in front. Rear befits admit that the level of comfort a little worse, but not downright bad. Wow, now I realized that, I commend the comfort and convenient drive at the small hatchback, it seems that somewhere inside me slumbers hidden pensioners. But why not all cars can not be precise okreskové saw with a hard chassis, so it’s nice that there’s still good old lower middle class hatchback with a soothing ride back and place where i can carry an adult. In addition runaway full version supposedly will see the division Nismo , so even lovers naklepaných hotplates probably come off badly. It can not, however, expect that the sports division eliminate the problem altogether bad illumination at night.

Equally, however, as there is a new positive, there must be something new to criticize. It is the strength, or rather weakness engine. The turbo has dvanáctistovka Although on paper five horsepower more than the diesel version, but in reality you feel that you’re about to leave open the hood and exuberant steed galloped off somewhere. Motor is able to get to higher speeds and scoot the car very rapidly, but woe to you if you have to slow down. Waiting you again very lengthy very Slow acceleration . And do not think that will help podřazením perfect gear with short precise orbits . It would work a little, but a willingness to dial So Pulsar really does not. It does not matter whether the car you give commands quickly or slowly, he simply has his pace and leave from you to your car talk much. Finally resign, deploy the same rate at which your grandfather goes for rolls and start enjoying quiet and comfortable ride, and pleasant consumption . And it does not hurt, because small tank to 46 liters aggressive style very well wishes and demands more frequent saturation. Fortunately, while relaxing riding small motor does not suffer large appetite, the highway requires 7 liters, in 5-liter and 4.5 liters out of town. After a week with a combined consumption stood at 4.9 liters per hundred kilometers distance traveled.


Maybe you do not think so, but I really love this car. It is amazing relaxing . And the second time I Pulsar convinced about his qualities and virtues, which artfully disguise minor flaws. The petrol version while I was saying goodbye to a shade easier than previously tested diesel, but still it comes to a good car, which is one of my favorites. Nissan reproach one thing, the production of such cars should never stop.

Basic price (1.2 DIG-T Visia) 329 000 CZK

The price of the tested model 479 000 CZK

Photo: David Rajdl ( )

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