Review: Nissan NV200

We tried the near future – delivery Read electric drive . It is today actually use?


It looks a bit like fin . I do not know what it is, quite possibly lack of classical masks , but the car actually looks like a whale. But apart from the smooth front of the effect on the plays. It supply, so that the windscreen begins rectangular box whose sole function is to maximizing interior . The smooth front portion acts contrast to a box rear, but is responsible for the maximum reduction in air resistance and increase the range of the vehicle. effectiveness of each curve indicated screaming, but I for deliveries conforms .

The interior

The Delivery I have | covered enough of yesteryear brigádničení, whereupon constantly praise Ford Transit , while having the back curse second generation Fiat Ducato . Correct and comfortable seating position in the delivery of the Alpha Omega is simply this category because it is a car designed to make them survive man behind the wheel all day. Regarding the Nissan , there is definitely much objections can not be sitting well with me. Yes, it’s seating position as chair, the seat is comfortable, not too upright backrest and all the controls I have at hand. Except for handbrake lever There is also a passenger himself.

There is one major flaw. Utter lack of storage space is simply a problem with supply. Door pockets are small, do casings nothing more than the original manual, and in the middle you have a a few small shelves . It simply supplies the driver is not sufficient, because if you spend behind the wheel of a full-time, you need to procrastinate around a lot of paper, business cards, pens, food and drink. And that’s when you have the Nissan problem. And in case anyone considering purchase of supplies for private purposes, and understands definitely lagging behind the competition.

Access to the rear seats is good thanks to sliding doors on both sides. Here you will find pleasant, convenient and a soft bench for three passengers, which can be easily removed by a larger luggage, or more cargo space . To that you can still get back, up tailgate. Maybe that was one of the reasons for this Nissan New York digs Taxi . Otherwise, if you have the delivery mode for the transport of persons, you are in the cargo hold and the classic plate that have a small hatchbacks . Here is a plateau but big enough and I do not know why it fascinates me.


We have another modern car with keyless ignition . Thus, it is nothing here does not ignite or does not start, there is switch button is a symbol that can be found on your machine. Herdek, it’s still a car, not a box for overgrown growers biorajčat in hemp sandals. Or maybe it is? Honestly, I’m not sure I finally really do not like it that differs. My feelings are really contradictory because my nose, sighing with pleasure when he sniffs at the Veterans competition carcinogenic goo, but tickles my ego to think that I have something unique. But eventually the power button design probably will not be any major criterion for those, so let’s move on. Once the appliance So, sorry, car ON , still nothing happens. Operation can be recognized only by lit icons on the devices. Just allow the handset on the passenger side (oh, how the Japanese, another positive point) and start up.

This is like tram ! So rather trolley still does not sound nearly No sound . At your bubínkům gets a little wind roar from proudícícho air, nothing else. The impression of a means of public transport especially enhanced huge space inside and large glass area , which again reminds trolley. From the car is excellent view all directions. It strikes me that although this is not to supply so high for other road users as well stare nicely from the floor. And one more thing reminded me of trolley – warning beep when reversing . For pickups, it’s funny, but I believe that when urban rozvážce it may come in handy in heavy traffic.

But also offers Nissan something drivers who enjoy driving a car? Of course! For example, a sharp acceleration from the rest. As a result, even with the delivery become masters semaphore start. Just a little znekliďující that around much faster moves , but your ears can not hear anything. In at least’ll get the noise surrounding traffic, but in the open countryside you feel like you’re deaf.

The main disadvantage of this electric However, the range , in reality, just over 130 km. Although the manufacturer states to 170, but in that case, forget the radio, air conditioning and some overtaking. Even the real distance is indeed sufficient for distribution in the car, but on a longer route, yet so fit . It greatly limits the possibility of using the car and until the fast charging stations not spread enough throughout the country, we can type e-NV200 considered a full-fledged rival normal supplies. As a coach Taxi or carting in the cities where the user will have the option to charge the car at work at night and parking, so it can work today. What I find puzzling is a lot of empty space under the front hood. Why the hell is not other batteries? Or why must load floor is not slightly above, there may be other articles. The car was able to have a greater range and impact would be applicable even on long trips.


With such little mileage actually barely drive from Prague to Jihlava, but only if you are sure that there can recharge the car again. Another thing is the issue of legislation from our incompetent government that refuses to green cars to approve any benefit, so Nissan can easily break your neck of his purchase price. However, in the future it looks like use solution, and after all, when you Ecology rozmůže mainly in domestic traffic will remain fossil fuels for us, for enthusiasts who at home will keep a old veteran of environmentally unfriendly. And that’s good, right?

Basic price (supply) 871 CZK 200

Basic price (minibus) 902 660 CZK

The price of the tested model 902 660 CZK

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