Review: Nissan NP300 Navara 2.3 dCi

Deposit is representative of conventional pickups with ladder frame, but has received a number of innovations, through which it can protrude from the line.


Interer the convenience and there is everything in ordinary passenger car. Comfortable and seats adjustable in a wide range. Leather steering wheel with control board computer, radio and cruise control. The steering wheel is adjustable in height only to a lesser extent, nevertheless gave a good position to find. Interestingly, the air conditioning in this car is dual-zone, control is designed buttons, which do not have much, but at least they are big enough. Swap space is large enough and the 1.5 litrovka fits both the door and into the holders in the center console. Nejrůzděnjších for powering devices are in front of the cabin had three 12 V outlet, and there is also USB. Infotainment is a bit obsolete user interface, however it can zvynout. A useful feature especially for such a large vehicle, there are 4 parking camera showing the entire area of ​​the car.
Loading bucket length is 1578 mm and width 1560 mm (between wheel arches 1130) height of the loading edge is 815 mm. On stick their loads are three massive sliding eye. The superstructure, which is available for an additional fee CZK 100 000 has all the windows open and functional is the central locking.

Engine and driving:

There are two engines and in both cases it is a diesel 2.3 Turbocharged engine with one turbocharger has a capacity of 160 horsepower, supercharged version with two turbos grown a maximum output to 190 horsepower. The weaker version is only available with the six-speed manual gearbox, the engine is more powerful and can be combined with sedmirychlostním machine. A test version is powered by a more powerful engine with two turbochargers. Maximum performance reaches 190 hp at 3750 rpm, the maximum torque of 450 Nm is available from 1500 to 2500 rpm . The consumption varied rather than two liters quoted above, but even so, relative to the weight that is at an acceptable level. Six-speed manual transmission has a short speed combined with high engine torque at low speed is pulling a trailer (up to 3.5 t hmotnotsi) comfortable. Front suspension is a wishbone. The rear axle is rigid and at the King Cab version has a traditional leaf springs, the Double Cab version has a multi-link with coil springs and thanks to him, the car behaves kultivovaněji nor empty stern does not cause too jumpy. With its large tires can handle without problems of inequality.

Off-road capability:

The main advantage of the Navara off-road capabilities. Light height is 224 mm, slip angles are 32 ° and 25 ° in front rear, crossing angle is 22.2 ° and fording depth is 600 mm. When driving off-road fits deadline rear differential, except Visia grade, which is standard, at an additional cost CZK 19,800. If necessary, it is possible to default-driven rear axle and connect the front, there are now two modes for 4WD High and 4WD Low lighter with disabled traction control systems and stabilization for difficult terrain. If the deadline would not be enough rear, there’s ABLS system that can put the brakes on the wheels which do not have adequate traction. Weakest point becomes the absence of a reduction gearbox. The first rate is indeed quite short ride on the road, but off-road reduction would be dropped. For advanced assistance systems lack Assist Hill Start Assist and Descent. Although Nissan were tested standard shod with winter tires, the easier terrain with him was no problem. Only with proper offroad shod would seize the opportunity Navara at the maximum.
Price: 750 600 CZK (DOUBLE CAB 5 posts)

The total price of the tested car: CZK 1,076,000

Specifications: DOUBLE CAB – 2.3 dCi 190 hp equipped MT6 N-CONNECT 940 700 CZK

bonuses 100,000 CZK per shed 19,800 CZK for closure of the rear differential 15 500 CZK per metallic)

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