Review: Nissan Micra 1.2 Tekna FL – Fresh Lentilka

Nissan Micra is on the market since 1982, when it rolled out the first model with the designation K10. Over the 32 years of its existence, we saw A total of three generations and several facelift. Now the last one in front of you. One week into our garage visited newest Nissan Micra engine with 1.2 liter , the highest gear Tekna and the beautiful blue metallic. Small car, we tried during the week, in heavy city traffic, on okreskách, highways both the rain and the snow . As in these difficult conditions to succeed?

Exterior – Gentle predator

With the new facelift Micro Design little sharpened . Typically, the Japanese portion of curves and creases, where the eye look, added a bit of aggression. Especially in the area of ​​the headlights. It’s not boredom on the drawing canvas , in city traffic will be cars stand out among others . Micra has to address especially the fairer sex, and her gentle and pleasing appearance fulfilled this goal with flying colors . Now my friends now named after her, just where I arrived there liked it.

Interior – The home

For cars from Nissan, I got used to it for its price offer a little more than the competition. Micra was no exception, as I found a nice background with a lot of clever solutions. Just by getting pleased with bezklíčkové unlocking the doors and starting . It is great just to the city, where you have a large number of bags that do not want to lay on the dirty floor to find the keys. Just have a somewhere in your pocket .

Once behind the wheel, I had to get used at a slightly higher seating position , but even that has its justification. Micra is a small car in town, especially for women and the elderly, hard to buy it guy Weekend cut corners . And the first two groups mentioned above have a love seat placed as it provides good visibility in all directions . I have a suggestion only the armrest , probably the bus. Its location is too high and small width also does not add much to the comfort. Utterly tasteless consider upper lid clipboard , which due to its construction, and accompanied by the sound of closing a very different quality to fit the car. Getting back to the seat is smooth and for adults and trunk is sufficient for a given class .

Micra us impressed and their equipment a great multimedia device , with whom we met also Nissan Juke n-tec . Its handling is precise, fast, intuitive and graphical processing is also at a decent level. I commend the possibility of linking the device with the phone, in combination with mobile internet, you have instant access to a variety of information on weather, traffic, attractions etc. I found here and USB slot and AUX output. Controlling the good ergonomically shaped steering wheel was nice and smooth. The only reservation I have more to toggle the on-board computer , which is located on the left side, above the parking sensors and ESP. This means that every time you want to switch information, you have to remove the hand from the steering wheel and look for a moment.

Engine and chassis – No comments

In the interior, we praise and praise, we will motor. three cylinder engine of 1.2-liter with 80 horsepower and torque of 110 Nm provides in combination with the weight of 940 kg Nissan very good driving dynamics . In the city you move briskly and arrive anywhere on time. Pleasant is the fact that you do not have much sort. On the deuce you can go quietly of 30-90 km / h . You can, but do not do it. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 13.7 seconds, and then further accelerated to a maximum speed of 170 km / h. According to the table values ​​your Nissan Micra only 4.3 l / 100km, it consumption ranged at the rate of 6 l / 100km , but in winter conditions, the increase is understandable.

Although it is a three-cylinder engine, for which I have a particular aversion to a small number of cylinders, I must admit that really good pulled and performance has never been a problem. Micra was not wheezy even when carrying three adults. On the highway steep inclines While speed lagged , but for such a small engine did very well. During normal driving on the highway with not maintaining the permitted maximum speed problem. Large family with two children shopping After collecting school is not suffering but pleasant way home .

Conclusion – Great chassis

In conclusion, I kept a few lines of the chassis because it took me most of all. Micra was in fact the most comfortable small car , which I drove last year. Chassis beautifully muffled all inequalities , but the car is not tilted too much in the corners. Just bumpy streets of Prague cubes I drove with a slight vibration, that was all. Beyond what I have to say .

Základní Special price of the car (Micra 1.2 Visia): 199 990, – CZK

Basic price action tested the car (Micra 1.2 Tekna): 278 990, – CZK


– Engine

– view from the car

– Gear

– an excellent chassis

– Multimedia Device


– wind noise at high speed

– switching board computer

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