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I began testing cars for The first car I got to test the Nissan Leaf. The first electric car that can drive itself. As a passenger, he once, coincidentally, also rode leaf. I know from a friend that the car excited and that he will return within 5 years of the entire amount. Maintenance costs are minimal, so just pay electricity and every time service in about 3000, – CZK.
Interior layout is quite clear and the car I was able to operate without preparation. The car has an automatic transmission in the form of interplanetary knob. Infographics next button is transparent. The first start was not perfect, for example, that I did not hear the engine. Perfect silence (that is, except for the navigation and about that later). Also, it found that the car does not draw at all, even though everyone says what they are, an electric fičák. Well, when I missed the 200m, so the car still beeped. The first 100 meters I was wide-eyed and looking for information on the display, and since I was handcuffed, so I put blinkers and began to examine what it is. In view of the driver, I saw an indication that the parking brake is activated. The car has a foot (hand) brake and then I missed the beginning. After unlocking the car was as it should be. Without a shift to full throttle Leaf fired and I so enjoyed full 254 Nm, which the manufacturer specifies as torque. Super feeling, no roar just whizzing by on your face vyloudí smile.
From the first intersection, I had to get used to the stares of the other drivers that the car apparently attracted by blue elements that clearly distinguish the car from the other. While my heart beats for different design (austerity and sharp edges), but I can not forget when looking at me every third driver: -).
My first ride facing for his son to football. When your son gave the bag to open the trunk, incidentally the same size as other similar hatchbacks suitcases, so I just noticed that we have another car. When I told him that the car is completely electric, and with his children’s joy and modeled after King Jiri (you tuber) reported an “Really, it’s no God.” Then I told him whether he listens to it on, “I can not hear” and I gladly said “no right :-)”. Then came incredibly annoying navigation and George is in love with her. What is it, Dad? I gruffly announced that it is crazy that I do not know how to turn off the voice, and that’s setup and the search target is cruel. For ten years in this respect nothing has changed in their cars. In the long term I say that the only thing after the car manufacturers want to do is secure, highly visible handle including cable for charging smart phone. The rest I already arrange themselves. Music, navigation, telephony and communications with the outside world. I do not know about navigation but has no current transport and so I normally begins on the mile-long column, but my phone leadeth me updated on the route. Another thing that bothers me is that the car is constantly asking if I agree with monitoring the route. Yes, I share my thoughts on the internet and if my shared ride saves one life, so your location will share love. That’s what I’d like them to be key in the car and carpool when I turn it on and navigation guides on 1-3 passengers who ride in the same direction. Well, it’s going to last, but it really bothers me.
I got a car with a mileage of about 160 kilometers and when I got home I had a range of 120 km. I put the car on the charger (on extension cords from the garage) and into the morning, conquered at full capacity ie 199 km.
In the morning my wife said it would be a good car to try on her regular route to work to megaskladů in Jažlovice. Let alone told me that no electric car will not try that with him can not ride. Because most of his life was driving machine, so I told her that this car certainly knows how to ride, but quite took off on me. She with no electric car will not run, he does not know what she would do when she comes electricity and what if it breaks. I tried to reassure her that day normally traveled by 70 km and electricity so it can not occur, and that the car is new, so it is likely that goes wrong when low and Nissan already has a lifetime free assistance. Nothing helped. “Then I will go.” Here I realized what there is still a way to go before people come to the fact that electric cars are great. And if not great, and certainly normal. They have their advantages and disadvantages. I also remembered the TAD Talk to Simon and his Sinka Start with Why. From 11:00 minutes is described as experiencing the fulfillment of the market at the moment, we are the innovators and early adopters. For the majority of the population, in the terminology of early and late majority (which includes my wife) is still the Nissan Leaf out of sight, at least in our country.
In the morning, I still waiting for a surprise when I started on our good landlord if I want zrujnovat when the sticking my cable into its socket on electricity (electricity pay fee). That’s one acquisition costs 200, – CZK per month and he rises to electricity by 2000, – CZK, now pays 3 500, – CZK. I explained that I have a car for a week and likes to charge pay off because I visit there are no gas stations. So calm down and when I ride so he was thrilled. That he thought about such a car, but that does not seem to the range and the cottage has only solar power and that there recharged. So I told him that this is exactly what it cars in this respect. Recharge your home, a cottage on a recharge. At the shopping center to recharge. Suddenly, I’m limited to the few petrol stations. Cost per service station are 10 to 20 million CZK and tech papers and stamps. , An electric charging station at home can have 25 000, – CZK and connecting electrician from 2500, – CZK. I believe that 90% of our needs and satisfy the Nissan Leaf is a question of how we can handle those 10%. However, with the help of bit of planning you can take a car at one of 850 charging stations that are in the Czech Republic accessible to the public.
The next day I borrowed a car to a friend Roman, who needed to go to the center and then mow the grass on chalupě.Celkem had traveled 165 km which I found to test the maximum optimum finish. The car was recharged to 199 km. And two hours have passed and I thought that everything is super and so I called him. Nothing super was not. It was at the Old Hut, on the range was 44 kilometers and the car had started to report whether searches for the charging station. Auto allegedly reloaded about 35 minutes. cottage via cable car, but it helped him finish in about 4 km away. Every moment of his range upočítával 1km, which is significantly faster than would fit on the actual mileage. Indeed calculation is done automatically taking into account all circumstances. So he slid off the highway because he feared a panic that stops his car to go and not know what to do. He slid on Novy Knin and drove towards Mníšek pod Brdy. During that time I zavoval at Nissan Assistance quenched and that it probably will elekrina so what to do. If I run out of electricity, so they stripped to nejbližšší charger. So that pretty good news. Nejbližšší charger is in Rainbow Street in Pankrác. So then I called Roman that after stopping the car he pulls tow truck. He told me that in the meantime decreased speed and range it does not drop. So we agreed to let in Mníšek again at the highway and coming to Prague, when he bring to his car and wait for the towing service. Cukrák before him and led him from the 6 km long long hill where the car will be no need, on the contrary, maybe some by piece, through recuperation during braking, adds little. The story ended well, Roman finished and I still managed to reach the nearest quick charger that was just at the Rainbow Street. The car had to be reported as soon as I get on the charger properly and I sweat, I’ll be stuck somewhere and wait for a tow truck.
Nabíjekča be 4.5km away (Modřany- Budějovická) which did not fit me and after reading the route has proved that it is 9.6 kilometers. The charging stations are displayed tototiž beeline which is pretty special. But I drove to the gas station and there he met a fellow who just conquered. Immediately he began to be concerned even though he was a little older, and I realized that elektrouauta fulfill a huge social role vpraze like dogs or smoking corners. People had quite naturally begin to talk about things and enjoying what is bothering you. Immediately, my car was subjected to analysis and I only learned that I borrowed 30 kWh version and it has a range of 250 km. I also learned how to go from Milan to Ostrava Teplice. It took him six hours, the first stop made in Prague Jarov, then came to Hradec Králové and at Šumperka spent 3 hours at the enthusiast that its fleet slowly reoriented, an electric only and then came to Ostrava. Also he planned trip to Rügen with the German coast, but finally sworn that there are places where quick charger will not work and would be recorded. It was in between the car within 20 minutes charge to 120 km. Also he explained that the need to have a fast charging cable when the car is recharged in about 3-5 hours. Let him do it from a friend and an electrician was about 10 000, – CZK. Original sells for about 25 000, – CZK but as I know it’s a necessity. However, the friend was driving disillusioned and still on, an electric wait until they have a range of at least 500 kilometers. Auto Mode Drive enjoyed ECO, without air conditioning (that day was about 30 ° C), no radio at all and they should not go, and when the wind blew so felt the gusts. From the cottage also ferried some things and round the inside of the case is not entirely practical. However he took two lightweight chairs and mattresses on the bed. It seemed to quite compact car. I drove the next day a huge box and it is true that I had to fold the rear seats, so the car became less practical. However, we stand behind it, the suitcase is sufficient for urban driving and fulfill its function.

Finally, I want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Nissan Leaf, I would have bought it immediately. The vast majority of trips I go around the city and even the woman she loved what I was přsvědčen.
For comparison, I used market and and I inquire dealers across application. Price according to the official price list is from 700 to 900 000 CZK. In Germany you can buy cars from 18,000=€ 510 000, – CZK. In doing so, it is not necessary classic service relative to the engine, so I have to agree with my friend that this car is worth.
Why have this car:

Because you believe that this kind of car is a trend that pushes humanity forward. Changing his view on transport and pushes the limits of our imagination of limited natural resources. Electric cars will change a lot of things and to come home autonomous car, a car that can drive itself to such market cars as we know it will be totally changed.
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map of charging stations – Czech Republic – In the map you will find such gems as: “CZ0120 Goat Mountain near Novy Knin, Nonstop (position inaccurate): 1 x 400V about 32A (four-pin), 1 x 230 about 16A (virtually nevyhoditelná) sockets are freely accessible to the chapel in front of the garage (just about 2m cable). Send me an SMS to advance (+420) 603 228 828, if my neighbors shouted that someone robs us 😉 charge be worked: during charging me pour gingko middle of the garden pond of water (a bucket out there will be) 😉 ”

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