Review: Nissan Juke Nismo RS

Nissan Juke is one of the cars, which must have an opinion. And I will not deny that I am not a member of his fan club. But, looks are not everything, and before I make a picture, it would like to try it. So why not the best version of Nismo RS ?


I’ll say it now freshly frankly, I Juke I do not like . The fact not one bit . Yes, it is exceptional and unconventional , but all the curves are somewhat superficial. No deeper meaning to do and it bothers me a little. Look for GT-R This is the form and function in its purest form, no wrinkle on the body is not there more. GT-R may look like angry bulldog , but the effectiveness has to enthuse fans. Juke is the contrast more such handbag , which will definitely enjoy a lot of girls and boys who have morning a twenty dilemma what she would wear. Surely they will appreciate that while driving at night with a nice looking peaks headlamps . All right, everybody have some. I grab the first shirt you nahmátnu and prefer to take more time on the road behind the wheel of a proper car. That if the shape of the line on the front fender has to evoke Wing Cormorant or tide I just do not care. This car, however, promise something for people like myself, has had the nickname NISMO . About whether I can justifiably look forward, we’ll talk later, now look at least stir up Meeting of sports accessories , for example tasteful tailpipe. Or many red trinkets, because what is red, that’s sports. Whether these supplements Juke looks better or not, you’ll have to think for yourself. One interesting conclusion, mirrors have a total common shape. I would expect a eucalyptus leaf or something.

The interior

In this way equipped and evaluation of the car, which would also should be focused on the driver , certainly pleases absence of longitudinal adjustment multifunction steering wheel . Somehow you just have to pack for him. But thank God for his round shape with the skin on the top and bottom and suede on the sides where you have hands. This streak to twelve hours, well, here he wins sometimes to přiblžil atmosphere 370Z Nismo . The steering wheel is therefore a bit of a compromise, not as though the seat. Hard shell Recaro with sidewalls are for sporty driving as made , curse, however you each day through them will claw out more than twice. Maybe a little unnecessary in this segment crossover would sprotovní should be as hot-hatch , a fun yet comfortable use every day . And believe that every day is like really fit the seat. The problem is to find a good seating position behind the wheel, which severely limits the ability to really enjoy the ride. No problem, the seats that hug you wonderfully, but rather by where they are located, just too high. Place the back really is not the biggest. The tall as me has a problem with space for both head and feet. And overall, from the interior, unfortunately, taking the cheap impression , which is in such a bad car. I’d rather not write about it or tell you nezkail illusion, but I know that Nissan quality interior can knock out , just for version Nismo his absence hard to forgive. Yet few words, I would probably describe me. Infotainment has on today’s standards quite small display, handles resemble bottle opener, too little sun visors, unusable compartment mobile with řadičky everywhere inside is much Carbon , or rather his imitation. Okay definitely nice stuff on the panel of the door or appearance buttons warning flasher. Everything simply can not criticize, so I can praise and suede on the chapel alarms or patvarů smaller number than can be found outside. But it bothered me much drowned accelerator , it would in a sports car should not. The rear seat was a little disappointed, are common materials and have the regular shape. buttons to turn off the traction control, lane assist, and others are at the bottom left palbce and when they settle down somehow decently, so it’s in my knee. Again, it turns out that I should sit down. Plato is anchored trunk lid of the trunk, so that does not interfere with loading and unloading goods. Enough little I got trunk , but because of him Nismo version probably will not buy.


You may brood in vain beginning to change driving modes. But it’s simple, almost brilliant, just switch control of air conditioning on driving patterns and then use the controls to set it up. Brilliant idea to save the interior of a few buttons. And what do you think this is worth the switch? Definitely Yes ! In the SPORT is the fact Juke much readable and nimble and the tachometer needle is much faster inches to the red box, although it is not as sharp. as I expected. When you release the gas is not obtained, then quickly dropping otček. From the management to assured and you can feel a little push to the sawmill. At least into the first sharp turn. At higher speeds, enough to help and the fact that despite this SUV higher center of gravity keeps well and has a track suppressed inclinations . But it is very hard, and here I would like to remind you that hard not synonymous with sports . And it does not help much manual transmission that does not force you to too frequent shifting. It would definitely be better suited gear setting and backdrop greater accuracy and short tracks. But somehow not obtained Entertainment , rather it’s such idle. Which I forgave leckterému car, but not when a Nismo in the name. Sure it would be nice if it were equipped with a limited slip differential. But at least such a “ čipernej ” Oh, and then there are the strong brakes , which at least have to solve most of your driving errors. At least that way.

But perfect auto probably exist not , so when I got Nismo ride in what lies his problem ? Well, in the audio , because this buzz that appears especially at low speeds, the Sport model really deserve . He sounds like a electric ! After a few moments the sound of his speech directly to intolerable . Calm down, you need to look at the consumption indicator, these 7.5 liters in the city is not bad value. For Juke certainly owes the now ubiquitous Start-stop system . Or maneuvering in a city where even the slightest parking space at the curb sebevyššího not due four cameras the vehicle is no problem. But it would really benefit Nismo models should be based on these aspects?


In the final it is not entirely unsympathetic car . I was pleased by the fact that the owners Juku Health . But despite the name Nismo is still primarily fashion stylish crossover . Yes, it goes a little more and more than the basic version, but in my opinion not enough to get it deserved the name.

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