Review: Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T Shiro 4×4 – GT-R for young

When he Nissan Juke 2010 to our market, many shook their heads whether it thinks the manufacturer’s serious or just joking. Small crossover in the first months of sales not at all easy. However, we like! We like it even so much that we can test for the third time. After diesel patnáctistovce we tried < a href=""> basic petrol engine today proklepneme Juke in edition Shiro sophisticated all wheel drive and a top motorisation 1.6 DIG-T.


limited edition Shiro without the inscription on the stern knew hardly anyone. Bright red paintwork is in contrast to silver mirror housings and door handles. Undeniable contribution to the great appearance also have 17 “alloy wheels .

I can not help but Nissan Juke < / a> me more and more resembles a frog. High bow, stern low with rapidly sloping roof and wings, for that would be worthy of the Toyota Hilux. Headroom 200 mm also does not hurt mainly in case if you have all-wheel drive. The front grille and headlights are pressed as much as possible to the hood, what was a very good approach angle. Who will vanish in front, he becomes him back. Chubby boot lid to spectacularly eccentric tail lamps and protruding rear bumper because nowadays are unparalleled. Juke’ll love it or not. Personally, I belong to the first group.

The interior

Sometimes there will be such, that non-premium interiors of Japanese cars simply too much smell. In the case of test Nissan Juke Shiro but you can change opinion before taking a seat. Everything starts by unlocking the car key, which also boasts all still tested vehicles Infiniti . Once inside, however, you find that similarity with Infiniti not stop here! Sporty three-spoke steering wheel falls perfectly to hand and is covered with high quality leather. The chapel instrument with two tubes is arranged, the shadow makes her natty peak. You will be excited and the comfortable seats with pronounced side bolsters. Their upholstery combines smooth, perforated leather and provided with a heater.

Contrast found not only outside but also inside. I liked the combination of glossy black plastic on the center console and the center tunnel of light design. Neither door panels are left on the shelf, the upholstery is not susceptible to damage.

Exterior dimensions suggest that the place inside there will be no glory. In reality, however, it is just enough space. The driver sits comfortably low floor, adjustment range of the steering wheel could be more generous. I also imagined bytelněji made armrest. Rear passengers will settle a height of 175 cm quite comfortably. Nissan Although his crossover designed steep roof over your head but instead raised rear bench seating slightly below. Only its trunk volume suffers greatly. 207 liters but more than enough for shopping and for eccentric model Juke is not surprising.


Under the hood, the test car was in turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder DIG-T , a volume of 1.6 liters and 140 kW. That peak at 5600 rev / min, maximum torque of 240 Nm is available in the range 2000 to 5200 rev / min.

I’ve had time to get used to Japanese love stepless CVT . With one motor and a co-Juku tested, and if I speak for myself, not applicable to him. High performance would stand out better with a manual transmission. In this case, he seemed rather subdued. This would also reduce noise during acceleration of the engine and, ultimately, average fuel consumption. When you limit highway petrol šestnáctistovka tells about 9 liters per 100 kilometers of Natural and if you Juku tread on his neck on a winding country road, the consumption easily exceeds desetilitrovou border. With quiet foot on the accelerator, I reached the lowest consumption of 7.1 l / 100km .

Horse – wolf in sheep frog

Tested Nissan Juke Shiro is not only equipped with the most powerful of engines and automatic transmissions, as well as all-wheel drive. And it would not be true Japanese had settled only with inter-connector. The sophisticated system is operated with buttons in the driver’s left knee, while you have a choice of three modes. 2WD and 4WD positions are clear, but what is 4WD-V ? This is a regime that regulates the torque distribution between the wheels on the left and right side. The basis is a classical differential and two electromagnetic disc clutch. The result is a ratio of 80:20 between the right and left side, which ensures precise and dynamic cornering. In addition, a small crossover in the corners and not lean too can conjure up some of that driving pleasure.

Nissan Juke works great as předokolka. Stiffer chassis setting does not reduce ride comfort on poor surfaces, steering lacks feel and feedback. It is nowadays not much see. The supercharged DIG-T drag starts from 2000 rev / min, but his best is between 4000 to 5000 rev / min. Haul in this range is rather surprising. However, I would still prefer to replace the continuously variable transmission CVT classic manual.

The strongest Juku finally found a job Dynamic Control System . Through him the car to switch to ECO, NORMAL and SPORT. In the earlier test versions with less power because there was no difference between the modes so striking as when you’re under the hood of 190 horsepower.

Most of the time you ride in ECO mode when the vehicle response to the accelerator pedal tepid guidance. You still have enough headroom for safe overtaking, and if you do not pressure the right leg too exaggerate achieve the aforementioned sedmilitrové fuel consumption.


Nissan Juke small crossover is extravagant, that can offer its owner a lot really. Along with a powerful, if somewhat insatiable engine, offers a sophisticated and well-functioning four-wheel drive, premium interior quality and design that makes the car never miss. The only major aspect of why Juku after being tested in a limited edition Shiro nesáhnout is its price. High price variation over 650,000 crowns however offer everything you can about candidates like crossover cut demand.

The basic price of the car: 611 000, – CZK (Tekna)

The price of a particular car: 656,200 – CZK


– Exterior Design

– premium quality interior

– wheel drive

– Management

– handling

– Originality

– Rich equipment


– higher fuel consumption

– the volume of the trunk

– a CVT

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