Review: Nissan 300ZX

Actually, it’s cool, it’s Nissan Zetka, older model we had in the column, this is only a few generations later. Targu You know, and ninety you love, even for those of black plastic and the typical smell indoors. Yeah, but what I really was not ready …

Actually models 300ZX There were two. The first square of the 80s replaced Datsun 280Z Named the Z31 . Today we will be interested in his successor, round model Z32 which was later replaced by successful type 350Z labeled Z33 . Although it does not seem to produce began in 1989 and the production lines disappeared in 2000. Its modern look created Isao Sono and Toshio Yamashita . Perhaps this fact is worth initially lower the car’s popularity in continental Europe, but it is our minus, because the Z32 has matured like wine, and now many enthusiasts would certainly like to welcome a wider selection of used cars. All told, only 164,170 cars, of which almost two thirds were intended for export, mainly to the USA . Body you could have as a coupe with removable roof panels (targa, as in this case) or as a convertible. Under the hood was always fork šestiválec , a volume of three liters, which was atmospheric (166 kW and 268 Nm), or the two turbochargers (224 kW and 384 Nm). To it was attached five-speed manual or speed automatic transmission . Turbocharged version of the system to control rear wheel Super HICAS . Magazine Motor Trend’s chose it as the best imported car in 1990 and cast him among the 10 most powerful cars in a given year. Automobile Magazine called him again as the most beautiful car of the year. In the mid-90s again with this type of racing Steve Millen .

But now it’s move to a specific vehicle. It is Nissan 300ZX Turbo Targa of 1993. Thus Twin Turbo , to be more precise. Supercharging blower cater Garett . Due to such a machine room under the hood already much space left. And the original 300 hp now also do not wait, because with the through exhaust and Boost Controller is the current estimate of roughly four hundred thoroughbred stallions. But do not worry, this is not really pozérsky modified machine, here goes functionality. Owner had lured drifting his friend with the type 200SX , so I looked 300ZX Turbo , one he could find, and since then gradually adjusts the vehicle to drift and learning management technology management . Although lately I tend to cars in serial state, but against functional changes have nothing (that I was even against himself). Due drifts here had to change the chassis, specifically for D2 , which makes the ZETKA about 8 centimeters closer to the road. Also unique rear axle HICAS to go out because of the drift is completely unsuitable. Even more intercoolers are located in the front corners and the air gets easily to them holes in the bumper. The plan, however, are even larger brakes, although so far the performance of the car is enough the series. It’s not interesting because the whole car performance boost mind, already in production had been 300ZX a bit oversized. The engine and chassis should stand without modification performance of almost 500 hp, which is incredible.

The adjustments, however, require a bit of attention to the owner. Before traveling a bit wondering where to go, so the car did not suffer much. After all, even with a normal car retarders are nasty uncomfortable useless, let alone in a sports car. Also, the engine requires regular intake of stooktanového gasoline . When not riding through the door first, you can go for less than 20 liters, but if I try “Takumi style,” says car still 30 liters of fuel. On the other hand, however, the engine can fit only 3.5 liters of oil, so somewhere save. Do not think, however, that this is a car for daily traffic, this is purely a toy for fun.

I started exceptionally due, so now back to him. Personally because I consider this ZETKA very beautiful, smooth curved shape of the 90th sitting summers and great fit. 300ZX I think is prettier than its largest competitor, for example – Toyota Supra fourth generation. And in some detail, I felt a lot more points to the original Zetka < / strong> by Datsun than its boxy predecessor Z31 .When you open doors with frameless windows have a rear portion of the post. When pulled down the window, give me the detail reminiscent Lamborghini Miura < / strong> . From the interior you vybafne scents, shapes and colors of the 90s. So there is a lot of black and a lot of switches. For example, for the alarms are quite a few of them and below them are rotary switches that resemble valves on the radiators. Electrically operated and heated seats are very comfortable and entertained me shape an integrated headrest. But they do not provide lateral support too, so they have their days numbered. Leather gear lever is very short and the path name are typically Japanese precision. Also, the parking brake can be found closer to the passenger. And in front of you OMP wheel on the NABE other, so it is optimally close to you. From the wagon performs well unlike other sport.

But we still have before the show to find out how it goes. So with a dark bubbling jumps motor and I wonder whether it wants a normal three-point, or sporty four-point belt . I have a choice in the otherwise quite empty interior of both. The car can also start slowly and calmly, but even so the sound will attract glances of several youths who radiates from the face recognition. But when you’re in the mood, you can ZETKA really stepping on the neck. If you do not know what you’re getting, so I can not recommend it. View of the world had quickly narrows and peripheral vision ceases. I try to avoid all the clichés to describe it, but I hammered in the seat and hope nobody decides to cross our path. When uber accident, blow two blow-off valves and I instantly falling in love to the sound. Not when you have a three-cylinder turbo at low volume, it’s really not cool as the old big turbo. And of course let you show a few drifts, because he has not really dare to try it with a foreign car. But when I saw the owner of the ease with which leadeth his car sideways, it seemed to me that it was probably born with a steering wheel in your hands. Or is it so easy to ZETKA. Who knows, you answer this question, I can not yet, but I promise that in the future a try.

Finally, the owners ask a few questions:

Why did you choose exactly this car, it was your long-term dream, or a decision point?

My dream was always supercar from childhood. When we decided to buy 300ZX, I had some time to look for the right car, so it is certainly a long dream. Otherwise, I have to thank Hal Zoth for how my car a lot.

How difficult was it to get this car?

Cars in the menu a little and have a lot of high prices, so it’s hard to get some.

How to live with the car in normal operation? And you have it for pleasure or for daily use?

On a daily ride to work I got older Toledo. This is a toy for fun. Of course, when I’m going somewhere, I have to think through in advance the route, but it belongs to a sports car.

What was the most interesting experience with your car?

fact, each ride. Every weekend when I go into the garage and start up the first time and I feel great.

Are you planning to do some adjustments or repairs?

Eventually I want to get a nicer bike but I wish I totally get the engine up to 600 hp power. And of course, together with modified and brakes and other components.

What is your biggest motoring dream?

Try the Japanese drifting in the mountains.

Photo: Pavel Mikeska, thank you for your cooperation Custom Garage

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