Review: Mercedes-Benz W124

When we learned that I can ride with an angular Mercedes-Benz W124 , I did not hesitate and jumped right into it. Mercedes this time had belonged to my favorite. It is true that even better, I Baby Benz , a type of 190E . Yes, ideally in version 2.3 16V Cosworth , but experience with the predecessor C-class ‘ll have to wait for another time. Now we have the type W124 the same time, later in its latest version in 1995, he got familiar name E .

Model W124 was produced from 1985 to 1996 and created a total of 2,562,143 vehicles. Produced except Germany also India , Mexico and Poland . Its boxy appearance suggested Bruno Sacco . In addition to the normal sedan was estate (could be seven digits) coupe , Convertible and extended limousine . Placed in front engines driving the rear or all four wheels. Drive 4Matic in the catalog appeared in 1986. Diesel was a huge palette also offer manual and automatic transmissions was larger than is customary. For its time and was marked by a low coefficient of drag – just 0.28. Series has enjoyed several sports version AMG . In production replaced the model W124 classical piano, a model W123 and was replaced by a model class E code W210 , which is characterized by four round headlights. < / P>

Our test car is therefore a model 250D Turbo with inline diesel pětiválcem , which was produced from 1990 to 1993. He is clothed in a typical silver metallic and is in almost pristine condition. Only the wheels have chrome trim accessories that do not fit me personally. But against the tastes … Otherwise, it is also a shame that we got to the car at the time he puts on winter tires. Traditional mercedesácké “ kanáldekly ” would have suited her better than ordinary discs. When I say the word design, you turn around his eyes, because at first glance looks like a square box that nothing does not deviate from a range of contemporary sedans. However, the opposite is true. If you know the Mercedes of the past and appreciate ribbed rear lights , decent intake grille on the right front fender, a large and rich chrome mask with an asterisk alias aiming at people or partially arched rear window on the sides.

Eighties are clearly evident in the interior, where a flood of black plastic and black skins . At first glance, but the interior will attract your convenience. Good-natured big wheel, and with him a very comfortable seat. Once you settle, so you know you’re in highway cruiser on a long route. “ Guten Tag, mein Name ist Helmut Schloss und ich bin Topmanager in Daimler-Benz A. G. ” I put myself in the role and almost bothers me that I clamped his shirt and tossed in the backseat of his jacket. Instead we went for a couple of components to the nearest town, I imagine that we will trail along the E41 from Stuttgart to Berlin. And that she would bear this mastered with amazing virtuosity. It’s because long-distance cruiser. There managerial illusion I’m a bit spoiled manual windows at the back, but at least Steffi and Trudi will not spit gum out of the car. Hell, no, stop it, you’re Czech, you do not have any kids and going around South Bohemia!

Inline five-cylinder sound is not characteristic, if not. Be happy, not because of what happen. By the way, thanks to the engine’s typical mercedesáckým hinges great attitude. Also, its dynamics is not revolutionary. You can basically say that if you step on the gas and do not dialed above 2000 rpm, so nothing happens. On highways it probably tolerate, but to passing trucks on normal road you have to have strong nerves and a faster response. But on the other hand, in such a massive tank so much afraid. All controls at your fingertips, and you’re often surprised by what gear the car due to a production year. seatbelt reminder at the beginning was not before last decade or so commonplace in the middle class. Here, however, the ceiling and nevyluzuje no sounds . What’s Blissed time without tests Euro NCAP. However, I am chained while driving, not to suspect me of the infringement, but the point is that unlike the city’s shopping bags five-hungry hvězdičkách you this car will not start yelling annoyingly barely into it you get. Incidentally, another thing typical for Mercedes is rear head restraints that pops up when you press a single switch. I then had to reverse more pleasant. Furthermore, there is only one windshield wiper or warning triangle positioned underneath the lid trunk. You know, as a kid I had a model of type 190E (well, I recently it bought Cosworth version in adulthood) and all these things I loved. emblem on the hood , curved rear window, single wiper , special hinges bonnet and the ribbed rear lights , all this is for me still the symbol of Mercedes. And if after a period of lights round to me again like a new Mercedes, so these little things but I’m missing.

Finally, the owners ask a few questions:

Why did you choose this car, it was your long-term dream, or a decision point?

It was an accident.

How difficult was it to get this car?

I got it from a friend.

How to live with the car in normal operation? And you have it for pleasure or for daily use?

The operation works well and watch the star I always enjoy.

What was the most interesting experience with this car?

Certainly the recent sale of the car.

Are you planning to do some adjustments or repairs?

As seen from the above answers, so do not plan anything.

What is your biggest motoring dream?

Mercedes 300 SL.

Thanks for arranging the test site Veterans at Truc .

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