Review: Mercedes-Benz B 180 CDI DCT – Rose among thorns

If you plan to buy a family MPV, and you do not need great luxury, you have quite a few options to choose from. Error thing, when heading to the showroom Ford , you’ll get superior techniques for Volkswagen or Peugeot . But if you’re a fan of the premium segment, you basically have only one option.

Mercedes-Benz class B is a portfolio automakers as well as lean wurst for a pint of beer quality. In its second generation came of sandwich construction with a raised floor, it offers a new generation of power units and, ultimately, pleasing design that can mask the rich interior space. Editorial test were subjected version B 180 CDI DCT that uses the propulsion diesel osmnáctistovku about 80 kW in conjunction with seven-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox.


The basic shape of the compact MPV tested subordinated to the location of the four-cylinder powerplant in front of the front axle. That was quite a long front overhang of the body must within the European alight meet high requirements for pedestrian safety. Béčko but powerfully-looking bow balances short rear overhang for cars Mercedes-Benz specific arc side glazing and strong, dynamically-looking lateral creases.

Intergenerational changes in external dimensions are apparent at first glance. Although increased wagon length of 89 mm, to reduce its height (- 46 mm), and with no previously used sandwich platform need not greater demands on the wheelbase. The result is a dynamic and unmistakable unit that masks the large interior space.

Seen from the front most attracts huge grille with large logo automakers and sporty looking bumper with three air inlets. LED daytime running lights, which are located in the lower part of the bumper, now is not surprising. However, I paused at the front of adaptive headlamps. The latter are outside the xenon tubular strips provided with diodes, which to some extent replace the fog lamps. In the test car also eliminates the obligation to switch main and dipped beam. Smart because monitors surrounding the vehicle and do the job for you. Obviously there is also the possibility of manual switching. This, however, due to the precision with which the system works is needed. Auto remote switching therefore very quickly fall in love.

Croup 1786 mm wide MPV carries the typical elements of the Mercedes-Benz. The large tail lamps, wide trunk lid, low cargo and decorative chrome strips are a clear sign of the fact that we are in the premium segment. The lower edge of the bumper is also provided with a contrasting cowling which completes the dynamic appearance of the vehicle.

The interior

Inside the car there are what I call honest piece of furniture . Into the interior due to the optimum distance of the seat from the floor and pleasantly started due to the absence of the sandwich construction is the position behind the wheel very pleasant. The test car was also equipped with a sufficiently sized leather seats with heating and excellent lateral support, which in turns holds perfectly, but on long trips are not a nuisance.

Ideal location for sporting three-spoke steering wheel can be found almost immediately. The width of the interior is completely satisfactory, despite his huge frame, I noticed feelings of unease in knees, elbows or shoulders. The situation is similar in the second row. There is a new encounter with sliding rear seats. Two adult passengers are seated comfortably and with a sufficient margin in the knee and the head, the middle instead of finding the best use for folding armrest with two sophisticated holders for cups .

Passengers are deprived even practical for die on skis . If necessary, transporting really long things have Mercedes practical solution. Folding the rear seats a flat surface of the trunk, which has at the moment volume of 1545 l . Winning, however, comes in the form of the possibility of overturning the passenger seatback forward (part of the optional items Easy Vario Plus). This creates additional valuable space and gives scope for transporting items up to 2.5 meters. That’s why Mercedes are perhaps so popular with athletes in ski jumping.

The dashboard Mercedes class B is exactly what you want to see every morning behind the wheel. Perfect workmanship, modern shapes and ergonomic perfection whole building high above the competition by BMW < a href=""> Audi . Excellent readability alarms in the chapel of instruments, among which is bulky on-board computer. The fully communicates with the media center display COMAND Online navigation and speed dial, so it is not necessary in most cases averted gaze on the center tunnel of the dashboard. Very positively evaluate the location selector automatic seven-speed gearbox on the steering wheel. Control is very enjoyable, intuitive and whom he met possibility manually change degrees in sport mode, gear shift paddles can be used. With this solution also operates a center tunnel far airy, added a sizable deposit box for depositing trinkets and especially improved access to dual-zone climate control.

Engine and transmission

The test model was equipped with a turbocharged diesel osmnáctistovkou a seven-speed automatic transmission. This connection is a new B-Class and in practice it works very well.

Maximum 80 kW and torque of 250 Nm on paper may look a bit dull, but the opposite is true. Thanks to the quick reactions dual clutch casing and the elasticity of the base diesel engines because you will feel like you have under the hood atmospheric engine. Continuous sweep starts at about 1,400 rpm and will not give up to 3200 min-1, which intensifies the maximum engine power. This eliminates the need to dial unnecessarily unit, which was signed on excellent fuel economy. In the combined cycle, we are not even at full occupancy vehicle failed to overcome the threshold of five liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, while respecting the limits of highway consumption still decreased by three tenths. Given the exorbitant fuel prices thus arises over thousand-range on a single fill-up.

The fact that physically carry Mercedes-Benz B 180 CDI on the front wings plaque BlueEFFICIENCY for no reason, suggest some other facts. Very valuable argument is out of fuel economy and performance standards EURO V and the average production of CO 2 of 120 grams per kilometer. Mercedes did not yet have the excellent values ​​helped by aerodynamic modifications, installations or additional ekopneumatik reducing gear.


The car’s behavior on the road is without exaggeration the best with what you can in the segment of premium compact encounter. Despite front-wheel drive I am not afraid to say that I enjoyed the ride more than BMW 1 series rear-wheel drive. It’s not so much about the actual driving skills, but about control. Where one losing a meaningless solution pedals, Béčko excels. The situation is similar to driving that has front-wheel drive via load more feeling and feedback.

In the quiet driving mode very quickly become accustomed to the convenience and total absence of distractions. Filter inequalities is through the installation of exemplary harder sports suspension, the car surprised even several centimeters elevation panels on the highway D1. Thanks to the low center of gravity Béčko in the corners of the selected direction does not shy away even an inch, do not suffer from surplus lateral body roll and has limits perched quite high. What nepobere driver equals Electronic Stability Program , who for security reasons can not be completely shut down.


Mercedes-Benz B-Class is the premium segment rose between thorns that practically none. Connection-saving diesel unit and velvet dual clutch transmission seems to be within driving speech and economy as the ideal solution, but fans of diesel makes an error or by selecting one of two parallel four-cylinder engines offered.

The view among mainstream brands giveaway competition from the Ford C-Max, Opel Zafira Tourer or 3008 . They are, however, the price of similar equipment on the Béčko dangerously tightened, which can be a key argument in the decision before buying a new car.

The basic price of the car: 586 800, – CZK

The price of a particular car: 918 819 – CZK


– Design

– spacious and cozy interior

– processing the materials in the interior

– Automatic Transmission

– low fuel consumption

– Adaptive Front-lighting System

– interior noise

– a favorable base price


– high prices supplements

– the target of thieves

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