Review: Mercedes-Benz A 250 – GTI’s neck

The very first Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been the most revolutionary car . On a small footprint able to offer a large amount of space, shocked the concept of the body with a sandwich floor and, due to its former price, gave a taste of the luxury brand with the three pointed star emblem and less affluent customers. Since then, however, much time has passed and before us last, no less revolutionary generation A’s . It stands on the platform of the current class B, transformed into a stylish hatchback and in the tradition of small Mercedes got front-wheel drive.


The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is already in the base very beautiful and extravagant car. His design concepts aimed mainly among younger clientele, but it certainly does not deserve the adjective “ Car for girls .” A test version of the AMG Sports package However, the vehicle moves beyond a level – adds a predatory-looking front bumper, rear bumper with side vents and integrated tailpipes and 18 “wheels. Czech representation in addition Mercedes car equipped with a covering of stylish stripes, checkerboard, and the names of the main icons automakers. This made virtually unmistakable!

Transformation A’s in the classic compact hatchback, of course, signed on major dimensions. Predecessor is about 160 mm body lower (1433 mm), length of appreciable increased by 454 mm (4292 mm) and about 16 mm is increased, the width (1780 mm). In practice, this means a lower seating position of passengers, which is related reduction cg , and hence the different driving characteristics.

The interior

The interior of the A’s you literally surrounds . I do this now mean that there was not enough space. Quite the contrary. Sit back four adults, the rear center seat is reserved more for the people of smaller stature. For compact hatchback is the limit amount of space above the heads of rear passengers and knees. Knees it may be worse if the person sitting in front with a height of about 190 cm and higher. In all other cases, I have not noticed any comments. I must not forget the luggage compartment of basic volume 341 l . Sure, Audi A3 easy to lose, who would, on the other hand, the premium hatchback moved furniture? After folding the rear seats creates a volume of 1157 liters.

The driver’s zone is like a dream. The simple concept of dashboard-like carbon material clearly succeeded, so is the location of the display media center COMAND Online above the driver’s field of vision. With the circular air vents we have met Mercedes class B , as well as the climate control panel.

In the driver’s seat with pronounced side bolsters, integrated headrest with and sits comfortably at the correct height adjustment of the steering wheel you have almost ideal position to control. Sitting low and easy way to do the “ short arms, long legs .” Sports three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is a leather grip and in places equipped with perforations. Contrast red stitching looks impressive, it is also ideal ratio of the thickness and diameter of the rim. One can easily say that this year I have a better wheel yet met! Automatic transmission selector is after the “ mercedesovsku ” located under the steering wheel and, as I wrote in the test class B, to its control very quickly and we get used to. In connection with the absence of classical voters was in the tunnel space for bulky box. Sporty drivers, however, were deprived of the possibility of setting mode transmissions, which conveniently solves button below the radio .

In addition to the wonderful sport seats and steering a perfect test Mercedes přichystal more fancy – it is worth mentioning contrasting stitching top of the dashboard, door panels, armrests, but mainly red seatbelts . Yes, although at an extra cost 9,072 crowns, to complement the sporty atmosphere on board are necessary. On hot summer days come in handy panoramic sunroof, that power extends over the rear part of the roof.


Like other premium car company, and puts Mercedes-Benz great emphasis on safety. The test vehicle therefore lacked Seven airbags (supplied as standard), assistant driving lanes, parking sensors, rear parking camera, adaptive cruise control, bi-xenon adaptive headlights with LED daytime running lights and functions automatic High beam assistant preventing the collision indication of tire pressure and brake pads wear or driver Alert system . May arise view that the responsible driver half without these gadgets surely bypass. But it is necessary to take into account that the road not driven themselves and not responsible for the behavior of others .


Somehow could be briefly described as the engine that occupied the test deck A’s . The unit has a volume of 2.0 liters, 155 kW at 5500 rpm available / min . and a torque of 350 Nm. It is available in a range of 1200 – 4000 rev / min., Which makes the engine a powerful weapon in the fight against some neprémiovým hothatchům. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes 6.6 seconds, which is for everyday use with large reserves sufficient.

Refined unit collaborated with automatic dual-clutch transmission 7G-DCT , which in quiet ride almost do not know. Top lies smoothly without hesitation, but sometimes you can not cope with the rapid downshifting. Entertainment, however, begins when instead ECO mode switch to SPORT and MANUAL. At that moment the car turns the other cheek and without mercy overtakes everything in his path. Very often I have also used the smallish but well manageable paddles. Even in manual mode, however, the transmission eventually meant for you, and just before the red box lies a higher gear. The speed shift but without exaggeration equal cadence smaller gun.


Mercedes-Benz A 250 is best placed to become a direct comparison with competitors hero winding Okresek. However, not every day you ride uphill races and in most cases you will enjoy the ease and elegance with which Áčko sails roads. Even at low speeds have always a sufficient amount of power is practically anything below 2000 rev / min. motor practically do not know. What, however, on our roads, you know, the rigidity of the chassis setup. This is in conjunction with 18 “alloy wheels perfect choice if you are driving on a clean, smooth asphalt. In other cases, the ride comfort decreased slightly, but never to unbearable limits. And a lot of broken roads can expect full contact with the road bike , rebounding croup and other ailments associated with harder settings are at podvozkářů Mercedes unknown phenomena. During steady driving under the regulations count consumption of about 7 L / 100 km , highway transfers able to reduce the resulting number by another half a liter. A very good result for a car that has 211 horsepower, is not it?

Something else happens when you head to your favorite country road. You do not even turn off the electronic stability system, as car drivers can afford quite a bit. Necessity is switching gear to SPORT and MANUAL and can start the fun behind the wheel! The engine most indulge in a range of 3200 – 5500 rev / min. There is also a sports atmosphere to complement the ruling out a very pleasant tones . The gearbox is very well aligned, it all adds electronic power steering and a stiffer chassis already mentioned. This year, I probably sat in a car that drivers would allow so much! How many times hover turns into absurd speed , you turn the wheel and the car responds instantly. In most cases, moreover, not receive a single sign of understeer or any nervousness. And when it really comes to the seemingly hopeless situation, just off the throttle and the car at the time levels. Due to the high set limits but in this case I recommend to reconsider your degree of self-preservation, and more likely to use the left pedal. Sharp drilled brakes with large discs front had just neutaháte.


While reaching for the basic ACKs with an engine output of 90 kW, you are on the go virtually not be overlooked. Bet on the appearance and proportions of a compact hatchback Mercedes clearly came out, which is also known popularity from customers.

For your money you get a genuine premium car , which will win you a stylish design, high quality and excellent processed interior and impressive driving characteristics. I definitely recommend to study the long list of safety equipment that is the car available. If I personally Class A bought for the family, I would not hesitate at this point rozšoupnout. You never know when you save the life of electronics.

The test version of the AMG Sports package and the strongest unit basic motor palette leaves nothing to the ordinary user need. Compared to the more moderate configurations has some fun factor that it rightfully belongs to the category hothatchů. Sure, the car in the photos while standing almost 1.2 million crowns, which is within the class a lot, but I guarantee you that you will enjoy the ride down to the last dime. Áčko is not designed to train drivers, or to destroy the dreams of boys looking at a wrecked car somewhere near the barrier. Works almost perfectly , predictably and you will have fun!

The basic price of the car: 790 000, – CZK (A 250)

The basic price of the test car: 1,181,154, – CZK


– Exterior Design

– top interior

– handling

– Ergonomics

– A powerful turbocharged

– High levels


– gear downshifts during rapid speed reduction

– reduced ride comfort on poor roads

– worse rear view

Compare the parameters of the Mercedes-Benz A competition

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