Review: Mazda MX-5

When someone tells you that you’re motoring journalist, everyone thinks to skip from one to another sports car and the evening quickly nadatlíte test in ten minutes and you go to a party organized by the dealer brand. Well, let’s put similar škatulkářům the truth by testing the current generation of the popular Miata .

When we’re on the timeliness, it’s a few days, as he introduced the fourth generation of Mazda MX-5 marked ND . For that, however, you go to the showroom too. Before the first cars to reach dealers, it will take some time. On the other hand, the third generation NC just ended his life cycle, its sales decreased attractiveness and you should be starting to wonder whether it is not the best time to buy it. So what it actually is? First he matured, production of the third generation since 2005.


The appearance of a third generation in my opinion clearly indicates that the Mazda does not experimented . Now do not get me wrong, I’m not saying this as a negative. Just what works, what does not need to change too. A Miata always gambled on simple sleek design and rounded shapes . She is the simplicity of the small agile roadster actually perfectly – no needless decorative curls. The appearance of the front parts of the two previous generations of extra evoke even a human face, first generation seemed a little vyjukaně second turning a blind their “eyes”, but this third trying to quickly devour the next turn and to burn for more. On this particular piece has been slightly modified when the car disappeared from the mask characteristic “smile”. Somewhat aggressive but look side game, which is slightly pulled to the side wheel arch. A similar design intervention can often go wrong and as a result to look almost comical, but it fortunately happened in the Miata. It’s just a small hint that this car has ambitions to launch into nimble ride. But it’s not a supercar, so that his desire not to belt out uncompromisingly to the world. In addition, due to the fact that you are sitting almost in the middle of the car, you feel that the car has balanced. Certainly, long bonnet have something to wear, but it never belonged to a model MX-5 .

The rear parts are higher, causing enlargement of the luggage compartment, over which had to fit a space for storing the composite roof. Speaking on the roof, a synthetic fabric can replace the fiberglass hardtop , which was in our test car. It is 18 kg heavier than the classic fabric, but overall the whole difference is 37 kg more, because hardtop differ in the materials used and struts. Manufacturer hardtop is a reputable firm Webasto . Tipping mechanism will reveal the sky overhead in just 12 seconds, but only if the car is stationary. You richly for it, however, just regular interval at the traffic lights. The rear of the car is very similar to the previous generation, only the edge at the end of the trunk lid is less obvious. Brake light moved closer to the cockpit. It is located beneath the cargo space of 150 liters, which is not just a record number. Long journeys are not purpose vehicle, but rather to throw two packs a suitcase and go enjoy the weekend.

The interior

The interior is not among the best that you can imagine, I would show him but ranked above-average quality. Plastics are soft, but at least perfectly matched . Very easy to be scratched, but on the other hand, even when there was nothing sharper driving nepovrzává and neskřípe. However, since not one of the smallest representatives of their sex, I must admit that at first I do Miata almost fell. The seat was in fact much lower than I expected. And not only is low relative to the road, it is also low relative to the floor of the car. Thanks to sit in absolutely amazing position where legs in front of you and not the other and with a much greater sense so you can control the pedals. wheel is a beautifully small and fits nicely in your hand, it is almost surprising that it has nowadays almost necessary “biceps”. Perhaps it is good, we got to the stage now that wheezing diesel hatchbacks receive some reason wheel flattened at the bottom. It is perhaps the great Formula 1, but parking at the supermarket, you’ll more curse. MX-5 in this regard does not need to prove anything, you just simply want to offer great driving experience and a good background for it, they could fill of them get enough. On the steering wheel but there are drivers. Some might object that will disappear by the purističnost car but me personally, it seems that this is just another reason why you can Miata daily use .

The audio supplied by Bose , which you can read on the cover of each speakers. The rear seats have of course not. Between the front you will find a storage box, Casing and door racks shall take away something, but most things probably throw away the passenger seat. At least I had been practicing it so well in all cars. Great seats are also very thin backrest. They provide very good support in curves and want to help them out. This Recaro , however, does not belong to the standard equipment, the Optional . The view from the car is fine, but taller wrong to see traffic lights across the inside rearview mirror. To me, however, with modern sounds like the Japanese rule. Pleasant is the location of the handbrake lever on the passenger side, which is a Japanese tradition that us fans of cars from the ground vycházejícícho sun really enjoy. I do not mention the pedals, which I have heard somewhere that supposedly are misaligned. I came suitably located, only the brake pedal was located more to the left than I expected. Otherwise, however, the pedals are perfectly adapted for revving. Fantastic that I did not have to get used to engage the clutch, absolutely intuitively you know it at the right position.


Choosing among a Miata is not too varied, always end up with šestnáctiventilovým atmospheric four-cylinder . The base is osmnáctistovka an output of 125 hp with maximálkou 196 km / h and acceleration to 100 in 9.4 seconds. We tested two-liter already has an output of 160 hp and vysprintuje hundred in 7.9 seconds, it may continue for up to 210 km / h. Torque 190 Nm are available in a range of 2500-6700 rpm. This is good, but anyway you will have a great time you dial into the top positions. Excellent sound is the engine that further improves with increasing speed, while doing very rapidly accelerate. Well, to be honest, I can imagine the sound even better, but as it is now, it is very pleasant to listen to. The engine is connected to six-speed manual transmission . On the first two stages, the engine is willing dial, the troika is already very long. And if you ever hear that the MX-5 has few horses and a concerned look. If you have a lot of experience with racing cars, he probably did not know what nonsense it right out of his mouth. MX-5 would be totally destroyed plethora of power and corrupted by its nature. Of course, if your wall decorated with several varieties of cups for racing successes Miata is not the appropriate vehicle for you. Najspíše will be parked in the garage pětisetkoňová quad, you will tame as easily as a common man cleans teeth. But the raison d’être of the MX-5 is to bring the fun and sports experience average drivers with far less experience or talent. And in this respect it is almost perfect.


Yes wind in my hair , the heady feeling when you air flows through your hairstyle. But that is not to say that the car was a breeze. I just deliberately lifting the fullest and caught the unusual feeling. However, when you pick up the deflector and pull out the side window, then even highway speed is not too unpleasant. In addition, air conditioning now offers 3 modes of driving with the top down. Otherwise, the car operates perfectly, the great driveability certainly contributes lower center of gravity , which is about 18 mm closer to the ground than it was for previous generations. Ahead is trapezoidal axle, rear multi-link . This makes the car very well absorbs bumps on the road, but at the same time behaves sportingly. Tilt when cornering are minimal and the car is capable of higher speeds and hold the selected track. The drift on dry roads leave almost no talk with disabled stabilization lets you slip slightly and then all align in the right direction. So why have you drifting rather on wet surfaces. When driving on the limit really is first manifested as understeer then oversteer in turn is, however, to approach this limit already wants some driving experience. The steering wheel is very sensitive, you have a very clear idea of ​​what you’re doing with the front wheels. And when you start using sort and discover what had fallen petrolhead generations before you. Short track in which a short lever planted with metal precision. It will not move an inch. So I expect it’s going. How come this is not a long time ago all cars. In addition, the sensational position behind the wheel for Mazda’s put one with an asterisk. Everything perfectly and achieve everything you find at hand.


What to say in conclusion? Just one word – Entertainment . The Miata circulating many rumors as totally readable, entertaining and teach you drift left back. Up to the last point, however, rumors of a third generation confirm. The positive aspect is the absolute accuracy of all handling. Driveability your car will be constantly entertained, plus appreciate ergonomics and high quality workmanship . The drawback in the eyes of Czech buyers could be higher base price , small amount of trunk a certain amount of impracticality . But do not forget that the Miata is not designed as a single vehicle family. The weakest and plastics in the interior or engine sound. A higher among you let him remember that they are still limited in the interior, such a view forward. But still Miata remains the perfect vehicle for the purpose for which it was created.

Base price (MX-5 1.8 MZRRoadster) 574 900 CZK

Base price (MX-5 Roadster Coupe 2.0i) 801 900 CZK

Price tested the model 816 900 CZK

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